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themuthership tiktok teacher💙


tiktok teacher / tv director teachme@muthership.com PO Box 1381, NY, NY 10113



Shout out to @tanyaithasbeentaught who captured this clip for me and @trulyjuli who tries to save me from embarrassing myself daily

#themuthership #tiktokhearing #tiktokteacher #motherdaughterduo
Replying to @coolmamabear1999 in this week’s podcast episode of “Yours Truly with Helen & Juli” I share how I got my start in tv production and some of the fun things that happened along the way!! @trulyjuli took me down production memory lane and it was fun!! ❤️

Drop any questions in the comments which will be answered in an upcoming episode!

#motherdaughterduo #motherdaughterlove #yourstrulyhelenjuli #themuthership
@barefootnpolished you made my freakin day! Hugs to Tazzy aka @tanyaithasbeentaught who told her I was in the area and @mariotennisfan for dancing with us!

#lifeisgood #dancelikenooneswatching
Replying to @darlydakota tiktok + twirltok teacher!

Tag me if you try to twirl or want more advanced lessons because this was a fun change of pace ❤️

How to twirl a baton #twirltok #tiktokteacher #tiktoktutorials #twirlingtutorial #themuthership
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