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MSQ means Music 🎵 theMSQshop.com

@DJ Lonnie B acknowledges @mikestreetshow significant influence and gives him his flowers, attributing much of his iconic status today to Mike’s guidance

Watch Episode 1 of @themsqshop podcast on YouTube or Spotify to hear our full convo (link in bio) #MSQmeansMusic
@DJ Lonnie B opened up about his frightening testicular cancer diagnosis, emphasizing the pivotal role his wife played in ensuring he sought medical attention.

Check out Episode 1 of @themsqshop podcast on YouTube or Spotify (link in bio) to hear our full convo! #MSQmeansMusic
Episode 1 of @themsqshop is out now! @DJ Lonnie B tells us the origins of his relationship with Mad Skillz and how it all started at VCU Rhodes Hall 🐏 in a cypher!

Watch Full Episode on YouTube or listen on Spotify!

We are @dyfferant biggest fans! Go listen to her album “Blk Sky, Yllw” now 🎶 #MSQ
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