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Manifesting has become a buzzword that seeps into a lot of content here on social media. Personally, I am not a fan - and here's why.

For many years we have known that our thoughts and way of thinking are powerful when it comes to our emotional wellbeing and can impact us both positively and negatively. One of the most popular and most research therapeutic approaches, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT), is built upon the relationship between our thoughts, feelings and behaviours. Among the many techniques used in CBT, is cognitive restructuring- changing the way we think about certain situations by considering other perspectives, challenging unhelpful thoughts and finding a more balanced way of thinking. Other techniques used across many therapeutic models also include the use of affirmations and visualisation.

We can use the power of our thinking as a tool to help improve our emotional wellbeing, self-esteem and confidence, however this is not in isolation and many other factors must be considered such as environmental stressors, the history of the problem, behaviour change, coping skills and more. Essentially, our thoughts are just one cog in a whole system that works together to produce change.

However, our thoughts alone cannot change our lives in such a way that we create change with thoughts alone or make our thoughts reality. It is far more complex than that. And in reality even when considering all other factors, there are some things in life that may be incredibly difficult for a person to achieve or change in their life for many reasons including factors which are completely beyond their control.

Yes, having a positive mindset, protecting our emotional wellbeing by shielding ourselves from negative opinions of others, setting intentions, believing in ourselves, striving for better and even dreaming about a better future for ourselves can be helpful but our thoughts are not a magic solution to the problems and challenges we face in life. Unfortunately this is the way that it is often portrayed on social media.

What are your thoughts? Let me know in the comments below 👇

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We've come to that day of the year where one year comes to an end and we look forward to the next. We start to think about our hopes and dreams for the year ahead...make plans...set goals.

But in our rush to look forward, we forget to look back at the past year and make time to reflect. Before you even think about looking forward, I'm here to remind you to make that time to look back. And I don't mean just look back on the best parts of the past year. Right now you may have noticed that your feed is full of people sharing the best bits of 2022 and their achievements this year...but that's not reality. Yes of course our wins need to be celebrated and talked about but those tougher times need to be acknowledged and remembered too.

So before you ring in the new year tonight, take a few minutes to look back at the past year...really look back at it. The good...the bad...the joy...the pain. Look back at another year of your life...another year of you. This is your journey - it will have ups and downs. The downs are just as important as the ups...it is in those moments you find your strengths and opportunities to learn and grow. Make room to reflect on it all.

What are your stand out moments? What did you learn? What were your strengths? What got you through the oast year? Let me know in the comments below 👇

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