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We moved to Costa Rica in Sept 22 for an adventure. CR has not disappointed 😊



nnoceana Marine Conservation and Education Centre is where Maddie is doing her dive training. MCEC also Carries out a lot of marine conservation work. Lots and lots of field data collection, which my eldest has been helping with.

So far she has been counting monkeys and bats. The bats are easier to find as it goes, as they chew a seem down banana leaves and wrap them around themselves during the day as a kind of shelter come sleeping bag. They are very cute.

Monkeys on the other hand…very difficult to find when you want to count them apparently. I say it’s the ‘observer effect’ 😂 Even though they are very noisy, here them a lot, see them frequently. Unless you want to count them. Then they are no where to be seen or heard.

I recon they’ve got used to seeing the clipboards or something and are now just having s laugh and hiding when they see the data collection team coming. I think if I were a monkey that’s what I’d do 🤣

MCEC organise these litter picking exercises a couple of times s month, not only as way too improve the local beaches but primarily as data collection exercises.

Monitoring the type of litter, mostly plastics, helps determine origin, habits and of course quantity trends as time unfolds.

The various categories we were sorting the litter in to today were:
*bottle tops (plastic)
*straws and cutlery (plastic)
*bottles (plastic)
* larger pieces/heavy duty (plastic)
*cups (plastic)
*small pieces/light weight (plastic)
*pieces of string (plastic) - I could not believe how much bailer-twine was found
*cans, bottle tops, pull rings (metal)
*bottles (glass)
#mcec #innoceana #costarica #plasticwaste #beachcleanup #datacollection #lovethebeach #loveouroceans #lovelife #beachplastic #detritus #plasticproblem
#Splice Travelling to Guatemala to do our boarder run (blog & YouTube video comng soon to explain all about boarder runs). If we arrived 3 hours later we would never have known they were there 😳#boarderrun #guatemala #guatemalacity #guatemalaairport #dissapearingact #pacaya #pacayavolcano #hotellosamericas #nowyouseeitnowyoudont
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