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Carolyn Marshall RN, CBS


Experienced RN providing support and evidence-based education for new parents ❤️

Holding a Newborn

🤱🏻Soothing your newborn baby doesn’t come naturally to anyone. Often we learn how to do things by mimicking what we’ve seen other’s do.

😫If you feel overwhelmed with trying to soothe your baby, try my favourite technique. 🚨

🫶🏼This can be great for parents who feel like they’re tried everything to calm their baby and nothing is working and it’s also great for parents who aren’t really sure what to do.🤔

❓Babies don’t come with manuals, it’s okay if you don’t know what to do! You’re trying and that is what matters. You and your baby are learning about each other, and trying different holds is a great way to find out what works for your baby. 👍🏽

❤️I love this hold because baby gets to see something other than your chest or breast! Although they can’t see very well, this change of scenery can be helpful and stimulating for them.🤩

Try this yourself!
❗️Face your baby outwards, hold that bum, lean back and sway and bounce. You’ve got this!

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📆Making plans and having a baby

Well one day your baby sleeping okay - and then the next you’re starting to feel like they’re sleeping has gotten worse, or better yet you’ve entered the dreaded 4 month sleep regression. 4️⃣

🤔You must be thinking - I’ve got to be doing something wrong. When I put my baby down they only sleep maybe 30 minutes in the crib, but when I have a contact nap - they’ll sleep for hours. 🙄


🤔Babies at this age are confusing. They take a different number of naps, sometimes day to day. And the length of those naps varies. It varies depending on the day and also where you’re attempting that nap.🤷🏻‍♀️

It is normal - for a young baby between 3-5 months to take very short crib naps. They’re not building enough sleep pressure too deep much longer, and frankly the crib is more uncomfortable than your chest - so of course it will be shorter! 💡

😅I also promise you just because you used the purple sleep sack yesterday and they had a 1. 5 hour crib nap - that the purple sleep sack is not the reason for the nap length. The reason is they were more tired that day, and the stars aligned. Take it for what it is, and just enjoy it when it happens, while also recognizing that’s not the norm. 👍🏽

🥺Moms get a lot of anxiety in this time period and we start comparing our children to other people’s children. Naps vary at this age based on genetics, temperament, parenting style, sleep environment, routines, wake windows and feeding type. 😫Try not to let your friend’s sister’s cousin bully you into thinking you’re doing something wrong because their child has 2+ hour crib naps every 3 hours. Every child is unique, and by educating everyone about what the norm is at this age (3-5 naps, 30 min- 120 min each) - I hope to reduce that anxiety. ❤️

You’re doing nothing wrong mama - we just need to know what the norm is :)

❓Comment your baby’s best and worst nap days below!

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3 - 5 months is so hard.

😰For all mamas. This next stage of infancy is one of the toughest.

💤You’re out of the newborn stage and it’s harder to get your baby to sleep.

💤You might tired of being so tired all the time - which seems easier to do when they’re little. 👶🏽

🍕Friends and family visits are not as often. Well wishes and food drop offs have long stopped.

🪤Your baby is constantly needing to nap and you feel like your entire day is trapped in your home trying to make sure they’re not overtired.

😫It feels like all you do is help them sleep and feed them. If breastfeeding is going well - sometimes moms are touched out.
If you’re bottle feeding, this repetitive making of bottles and cleaning is exhausting. 😓

🙋🏻‍♀️You’re starting to think more about your personal needs and your relationship needs but you’re not quite sure how to put it all together. ❓

😭Depression and anxiety can start to become more obvious here.

🚨If you’re in this stage mama - I see you. It will get better. Reach out to your new mom friends, start going to an activity with your little one and remember it’s a temporary stage with a beginning - but most importantly an end. 🔚Mom’s really start to feel more like themselves around 6-7 months postpartum when your baby has 2 naps and you have more time in your day. ⏰

🗣️Comment your story or coping strategy for this challenging time for other moms to read. You are not alone.

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🚨⏰Daylight savings time ending (or starting) is always a particular time that I notice increased stress in new moms. You’re terrified 😰of the clocks going back an hour and what it’s going to do to your little’s schedule – and how it might affect your day, their mood and your ability to control naps and bedtime. 🌙Take a big breath mama, and let me tell you why doing nothing for the time change is your new trick to get through this.

So what is happening? This Sunday – November 5 at 2 am – we’re moving the clocks back to 1 am. We gain an hour of sleep – which means that if your child consistently gets up at 7 am – they might now get up at 6 am the new time (7 am the old time). Or if you’re lucky – they still sleep until 7 am (8 am the old time).

Guess who else is likely going to naturally want to wake at 6 am – you are. It is perfectly normal for you to continue to follow the same patterns you did the day before.

We often forget during the time change that as adults, we do absolutely nothing to prepare our bodies for this change. We don’t make subtle changes to our schedule a few days at a time to prepare – so why are we obsessing over this with our children? Our bodies and their bodies are in sync. If they get up early because that’s what time their bodies are used to getting up – guess what – the same is happening with yours. 😏. So if you’ve done “nothing” to prepare for this time change – please don’t fret. I actually encourage you not to. To help your body (yours and your children(‘s)), I just encourage you to help your body adjust naturally on its own. Make sure your rooms are very dark for sleeping 🛌and get early natural light exposure ☀️in the morning. (go outside!) This will help your bodies adjust to the new time over the next week or so. And if we have to miss a few scheduled activities while our bodies adjust because our children are tired at 6 pm (7 pm the old time) – is it really the end of the world? 🥺No it’s not. Follow your body and your child’s bodies lead – and focus on that light exposure to help naturally move through this process. 🎉
Formula Availability or Shortage

I’ve had a lot of clients in the past few months reach out about what to do when they can’t find their child’s formula. 😩Mama’s - I hear you - this is an incredibly stressful situation that just seems ongoing.

Let’s get into the nitty gritty in the ingredients. 📝I am going to focus purely on one type of ingredient- the protein and what it looks like INSIDE the formula.

When we’re at a loss for which one to choose if the one we’re using is unavailable - sticking to the same protein type is helpful for your baby’s tummy.👩🏽‍🍼

Most infant formula’s are cow’s milk based - which provides the main proteins for the formula. 🐮

🔴Most formulas have intact milk proteins - the proteins are whole and the body digests them as is. When you see regular infant formula - that’s an intact milk protein.

🔨Then we have partially hydrolyzed milk proteins - this is when the milk proteins are partially broken down so the body has an easier time digesting them. This seems to be where all the trouble is lately with formula availability. Partially hydrolyzed formulas are identifiable by listing partially hydrolyzed modified milk ingredients. These formulas can include Enfamil Gentlelease, Similac Total Comfort, Goodstart Soothe, Kirkland Sensitive etc.

🛠️⚒️Finally we have extensively hydrolyzed milk proteins, which are hypoallergenic. The proteins are broken down so much - the body does not even recognize them as milk. Some children who have milk protein allergies can tolerate this formula, and some cannot. You should never be on this type of formula without medical advice from your family doctor or nurse practitioner. Examples of this type of formula are Nutramigen or Similac Alimentum.

🚫If your baby’s formula is unavailable - make sure when you’re switching you’re reading the ingredients. You should be sticking to the same type of milk protein - not increasing or decreasing the intactness of the protein.

🙋🏻‍♀️If you want to learn more about formula choices - I offer education and support in virtual and in-home feeding visits.

Dedicated Feeding Spaces

🤱🏾Where you feed your baby is your choice. In Ontario - we are protected by the Ontario Human Rights Commission 👩🏻‍⚖️ which states -

“You have rights as a breastfeeding mother, including the right to breastfeed a child in a public area. No one should prevent you from breastfeeding your child simply because you are in a public area. They should not ask you to “cover up,” disturb you, or ask you to move to another area that is more “discreet.” 🫥

Now - breastfeeding in public isn’t for everyone. And that is your choice. ✅More of these spaces are popping up - and they are there for your convenience. This picture I have posted is in an airport that I passed through, the only way to get to it was through the women’s washroom 🚽- but it is still a step in the right direction. 

By providing you with a dedicated place to feed your baby - we are trying to protect women who want to breastfeed in private for whatever reason. Breastfeeding in public has historically been a negative experience for some - and sometimes we’re shy. Whatever your reason for wanting to use this space - don’t justify it to anyone. It’s between you, your body and your baby.

😑I realize that this picture I’ve posted says lactation feeding space - which is an unfortunate oversight - bottle feeding mothers, including pumping mom’s would also like to use this space for feeding their baby in comfort and privacy. 🍼

‼️Comment below if you have used a lactation dedicated area or infant feeding area in a public place! Where were you? Was it nice? Do you have any pictures!
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