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The Love Priestess


Certified Love, Intimacy & Relationship Coach 💗 TheLovePriestess.com

The Full Moon isn't just a beautiful celestial event; it's also a potent time for deep introspection and transformation. 🌕✨

This lunar phase is all about illumination, where the moon's brilliant light pierces through the darkness, unveiling hidden truths and bringing our shadows to the forefront.

It's a cosmic spotlight on the aspects of ourselves that often remain concealed in the shadows, and it gifts us the opportunity to do profound Shadow Work.

As the full moon marks the culmination of a cycle, it's a powerful moment to reflect on the seeds we planted during the new moon weeks ago.

What lessons are coming to fruition? What patterns are emerging?

The heightened emotions and triggers that often accompany the Full Moon serve as messengers, guiding us to the root of our emotional responses.

By embracing this enlightening energy, we can uncover the deep-seated beliefs, wounds, and conditioning that influence our reactions.

So, when the Full Moon graces the night sky, take a moment to look within, confront your shadows, and begin a journey of self-discovery and healing. 🌕💫

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Intergenerational wounding and trauma might sound like complex terms, but their impact on our love lives is profound.

Our ancestors' experiences, whether positive or negative, can be etched into our DNA and influence our choices in subtle ways.

If your mother, grandmother, or even earlier generations had a pattern of choosing unhealthy partners, you might find yourself repeating the same patterns unless you intervene.

Similarly, if your father and grandfather had a scarcity mindset, you could inherit that perspective, affecting your views on abundance and love.

The truth is, your own inner work is the most precious gift you can offer to your spouse and family.

It's about diving deep into your own psyche, exploring your conditioning, and facing your shadowy parts.

When we understand what triggers us and why, we gain clarity about our authentic selves and what truly aligns with our values. Without this introspection, we risk blindly reacting to our conditioning and trauma, making choices that don't serve our highest good.

By doing the hard but rewarding work of shadow integration, we free ourselves from the chains of the past and create a brighter, more conscious path for our relationships and our families. 🌟💖

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Replying to @Catherine | Relationship Coach

In love and relationships, it's essential to remember that your partner should be your biggest supporter, not your project.

A healthy relationship isn't about changing someone to fit your expectations, but rather, it's a beautiful journey of acceptance and growth.

When a man commits to you and marries you, he's saying, 'I love you for all that you are, including your imperfections, and I'm here to make you happy, just as you make me happy.'

Mutual compromise is the heart of a thriving partnership. It's about meeting each other halfway and embracing the differences that make you both unique.

A man wants to feel trusted and appreciated for his efforts to protect and provide for you. Remember, you have the power to inspire positive changes within yourself.

Focus on your personal growth and happiness, and you'll naturally encourage your partner to step up even more.

Men appreciate women who invest in themselves, and your self-love journey can be a powerful catalyst for a deeper, more loving connection. 💑❤️

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Replying to @ambientexpanse Shadow Work is the practice of exploring and embracing your hidden fears, insecurities, and past wounds to foster personal growth and deeper connections.

It involves processes and tools to uncover patterns that keep you stuck in drama and suffering and frees you to access your inner magic and medicine.

Embrace shadow work as a vital part of your self-love journey to accept and know your full self. 💫

If you are interested in 1:1 private coaching, you can book a Chemisty Call with me! Visit my website using the link in bio 🔗

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