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Steve Yusko


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Premiering tonight Thirsday Nov 16th on The Ling Island Sound Podcast #musicdiscovery #t’fichu created by Steve Yusko with Steve Yusko’s original sound
🎸🍻 Dive into the rhythmic journey of Bluepoint Brewery's founder, Mark Burford, as he shares the roots of his music passion with Chris Marshak in this exclusive interview! 🎶✨ From the nostalgic echoes of Beatles records in his childhood home to the electrifying experiences of 70s rock and roll extravaganzas, Mark unveils the magic that fueled his love for music.

🚀 Join Chris as he delves into the pivotal question: "Where did the music bug for you start?" 🎙️ Mark's revelation about the transformative power of live shows in the 70s, featuring legendary acts like Zeppelin, Floyd, Jethro Tull, Queen, and Black Sabbath, will transport you back to the temple of rock and roll worship at Madison Square Garden.

🎤 Witness Mark's firsthand account of a teenage thrill – Van Halen opening for Black Sabbath at the Garden, a moment etched in the annals of rock history! 🌟✨

🔥 Don't miss out on the sonic tales that shaped Bluepoint Brewery's visionary founder. Click now to experience the essence of music, passion, and brewing genius! 🍻🤘 #BluepointBrewery #MusicInspiration #CraftingWithChris #PodcastJourney #RockNRollRevival 🎧📽️Welcome to the Long Island Sound Podcast YouTube channel, your portal to the captivating world of music discovery and artist journeys!


Discover original melodies, explore the artist's backstory, and gain insight into their artistic inspirations. We also sit down with music industry insiders from across the United States for exclusive interviews that unveil the secrets of the trade. 🎙️

#LongIslandSoundPodcast #MusicDiscovery #ArtistSpotlight #BehindTheMusic #OriginalMelodies #MusicIndustryInsiders #BluepointBeer #TuneIn #Patchogue #MusicalJourney #CraftBeer 🎼🎤#MusicPodcastConnection #Brewmaster #LongIsland
Explore the vibrant world of music with The Long Island Sound Podcast! 🎧 J
🎸🌟 Embark on a musical odyssey with Bluepoint Brewery's maestro, Mark Burford, as he unfolds his deep-seated connection to the evolution of older music in an exclusive interview with Chris Marshak! 🎶✨ Immerse yourself in the intricate tapestry of Mark's musical journey, where the timeless allure of The Grateful Dead serves as a gateway to a world filled with endless exploration and diverse influences.

🕰️ At 17:47.251, join Chris as he uncovers the roots of Mark's fascination: "For some reason, that interests me, and I always liked listening to the older music to see the evolution and the path that it took to get to each place." 🎙️ Mark's profound appreciation for The Grateful Dead unravels a rich tapestry, showcasing the myriad splinters and pathways that make the band's history a captivating and expansive realm to explore.

🌈 Delve into Mark's journey through the 70s, where the vibrant tapestry of live music wasn't confined to rock and roll alone – it was an exploration of everything. From witnessing the brilliance of Miles Davis to the allure of diverse musical realms, Mark shares the sentiment that live music is not just a spectacle; it's a spiritual experience. 🙌✨

🎤 Uncover the profound connection Mark has with the excitement of the moment and how live music, in all its forms, serves as his personal sanctuary. 🏰🎵 Click now to traverse the musical landscapes with Mark Burford and Chris Marshak – where every note resonates with passion and authenticity! 🚀🍻
#BluepointBrewery #MusicalJourney #GratefulDead #LiveMusicEcstasy #BreweryTalks 🎧🎥
🎸 Silent Troubadour: Celebrating Gene Clark's Legacy with Pete Mancini | The Long Island Sound Podcast - Join us for an extraordinary journey through the musical legacy of Gene Clark, an often unsung hero of American folk rock. 🎶 Steve Yusko brings you an exclusive interview with Bill Herman from Paradiddle Records and the talented singer-songwriter, Pete Mancini.

Discover the captivating stories behind the making of "Silent Troubadour" – an album paying homage to Gene Clark's timeless tunes. Silent Troubadour features nine original Gene Clark songs and a brand-new track, "Silent Troubadour," penned by the gifted Pete Mancini himself. 🎤🎸

Get ready for a night to remember at My Father's Place in the Roslyn Hotel on November 16th! 🎙️🎉 And don't miss the album release on November 17th, where the magic of Gene Clark's music comes to life. 📅🎶

The core of this incredible project is a three-piece band, with Pete Mancini showcasing his talent on guitar, bass, and vocals, Rich Lanahan on guitar and vocals, and Bill Herman keeping the rhythm on drums. But that's not all – Eleanor Whitmore adds her fiddle prowess, stunning string arrangements, and enchanting vocals, while Chris Masterson rocks the pedal steel. 🎻🎵

Experience a handpicked selection of Gene Clark's solo masterpieces, early Byrds classics, and collaborations with legendary artists. Songs that form the foundation of Gene Clark's musical legend. 🌟

Don't miss this incredible musical journey, and be sure to like, comment, and subscribe to The Long Island Sound Podcast for more unforgettable music stories. 🎧🗣️

#SilentTroubadour #GeneClark #PeteManciniMusic #MusicInterview #AlbumRelease #MyFathersPlace #FolkRock #MusicLegends #PodcastJunkie #americana #oasismetaverse 📀🌟
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