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A LDN animation studio. #thelineanimation www.thelineanimation.com/wassup

In Heavenly Vessel, we embarked on an unorthodox journey to create the planet. Here's a fun fact for you: we used a method harking back to old-school SFX filmmaking, where we mixed milk, coffee, and a touch of paint to craft the planet's surface. By filming this concoction, we achieved the illusion of depth in the planet's atmosphere, giving it a rich and organic feel. This same method was employed to create the patterns in the background of the first and last shots, respectively. What proved particularly challenging for the compositing team was depicting the visual representation of the planet's magnetic pull, which beckons all living things into its embrace. Initially, the strands didn't quite feel right, resembling a post-effect rather than something natural. Our primary objective was to make the planet appear as though it was distorting light, akin to a captivating black hole. However, with dedication and a touch of love, it all came together beautifully. Storyboard: Lou V. Karnas, Venla Linna Background Layout: Simon Masse Backgrounds: Luc Courtois, Juancho Crespo Comp: Clarisee Valeix, Florian Ojeda #HeavenlyVessel #animation #SFX #TheLineAnimation
We're thrilled to announce the release of our latest short film, Heavenly Vessel, which explores the fear of transformation and change. What's particularly exciting about this project is that it marks the directorial debut of Venla, who was the 2nd person we hired when we started our studio. Seeing her growth as an artist and leader has been amazing and we're proud to see her at the helm of this film. Heavenly Vessel is also the first short to come out of our development department, headed up by Lisa Smith. The Short features some of the most detailed animation we've ever done. We're incredibly proud of the team who brought it to life. We'd like to give a special shout-out to Amanda, who led the animation team, Juancho for the incredible art direction, Clarisse for leading the way on compositing, Kača for her excellent production work, and Michaela, who stepped into the role of Production Manager for the first time and ran a tight ship. We're also extremely proud to have collaborated with Emily Hopkins. Emily is an incredible musician and harpist. We love how experimental she is with such a classical instrument like the harp, creating musical compositions that are mesmerising, beautiful and haunting. Emily’s work on this film is truly stunning. She worked with her partner Russ and they were a dream to collaborate with. We love you guys! we had a mega team working on this project, and we're immensely grateful for everyone's hard work and dedication. If you enjoy the film, please leave a comment to congratulate Venla on her stunning directorial debut! A digital art book of Heavenly Vessel is available. It's full of animation sequences, storyboards, character designs, model sheets, background art. Link in Bio Director: Venla Linna Art Director: Juancho Crespo Executive Producer: Tim McCourt Head of Development: Lisa A. Smith Producer: Kateřina Grecová Production Manager: Michaela Dede Story Artist: Lou V. Karnas, Venla Linna Animation Lead: Amanda Jespersen Holm Comp Lead: Clarisse Valeix Music Composer: Emily Hopkins
We’re thrilled to have teamed up with 4Creative for the Great British Bake Off’s 2023 teaser trailer. It’s not everyday you get invited into the hallowed GBBO tent, so as you can imagine, we totally geeked out. It’s fair to say, we’re all huuuge fans of the show in the studio with a couple of pretty decent bakers in the house. So it was the icing on the cake to whip up this film and finally have a project that our parents care about 😅 Props to 4Creative for having such a charming, sweet idea. We had a lot of fun injecting humour into the ingredients' epic journey, and it was a dream working with you all. Shout out to JuanPe, who was the head chef on this showstopper. And shout out to the whole crew on this one, everyone did such an amazing job. Hollywood handshakes all round. Please be sure to check the full credits via our website Special mention to Ru, The Line's studio dog, who makes a little cameo in the film. Client 4Creative, Channel 4 Director: JuanPe Arroyo Creative Director: Tim McCourt Producer: Tom Kay Macarena Gaset Live action producer : Patrik Duguid Production Manager: Denise Cirone Live Action Production Manager: Beatrice Giustini, Sophie Jakovek 1st Assistant Director: Luke Goodrich, Jack Meredith Lead Story Artist: Eva Figueroa Art Director: JuanPe Arroyo Animation Lead: JuanPe Arroyo Compositing Lead: Tommaso Lunardi Home Economist & Food Stylist: Julia Aden Director of Photography: James Blann Head of Compositing: Freddie Lewis-Wall Head of Production: Hanae Seida Executive Producer: Laura Breaden #GBBO #eggs #animation #chocolate #flour #cake #bakeoff #GBBO23 #bostonterrier
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