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Candace Marino


I make skin #radiantAF ⚡️ Located in Beverly Hills, CA

Hailey Bieber’s favorite oil cleaner is our best seller!

@oneloveorganics Botanical B Enzyme Cleanser is the best way to start your nighttime ritual. It gently breaks down makeup, sunscreen and oil and preps the skin for a deep clean.

Available at thelafacialist.com

PS- Lots of love and respect to @Hailey Bieber for promoting the other skincare lines she uses, even though she’s recently launched @rhode skin ! That alone makes me want to try her line, I love the authenticity.

@candthemoon Malibu Made Body Scrub & Body oil.

I received these products in a PR package, immediately became obsessed with it and wanted to have it for all of my clients to enjoy.

This scrub leaves the skin perfectly exfoliated and hydrated, improving dryness, texture and radiance while the oil locks in essential moisture and provides the most beautiful glow.

Available at www.thelafacialist.com

At 35, I finally allowed myself to enjoy a holiday without letting the sun dictate my fun. For years I’ve spent vacations hiding under towels, but this summer in Italy, I decided to lean into the Italian culture and just enjoy.

Yes, sunscreen was worn at all times but I had to remind myself that I have all the things one needs to protect and repair their skin, starting with
@furtunaskin -the most protective and replenishing organic products I’ve ever used. Straight from a private estate in Sicily, these formulas are made up of wild foraged ingredients grown in the most nutrient rich soil, which translates to potent & impactful products that not only prevented a lot of damage during my trip, but have helped me bounce back from dehydration and dryness associated with the sun and salt water since returning home.

So yeah, did I get a little bit of sun? Yes!
Was it worth it? Absolutely! And honestly, I don’t think I’m going back to my old ways. ☀️🍷🌊🍕🇮🇹

I manifested this ✨

As a long time
@isclinical lover & attendee of the Los Angeles Advanced Seminar for years, I remember sitting in the audience eating up all the incredible information from the presenters, and also thinking to myself “I want to be up there one day.”

As aestheticians, we’re the heart of this skincare industry, we spend the most time with the clients and get to know their skin & needs on a much deeper level, and yet we’ve been forgotten about as leaders and contributors to education. As an attendee, I remember sitting in the audience and feeling unrepresented, wondering why aren’t aestheticians up there sharing their insight? Of course, MDs lend invaluable prospective, but often times it doesn’t resonate with our scope of practice, leaving us aestheticians wanting more.

I left the 2019 seminar determined to carve out this space for aestheticians in the industry. I added “iS Clinical seminar presenter” to my vision board & meditated on it daily. A few months later my phone rang, and it was iS Clinical asking me to contribute to their education team. 🙏🏻

Over the past couple years I’ve been able to contribute to their education initiative virtually and it’s been amazing, but being on stage yesterday, just a block from my office and receiving so much love from all of you was an absolute dream. I left feeling so connected, so inspired and so grateful for the opportunity that iS Clinical has given me. To be able to share my passion for the brand, the industry and to teach others how to level up in their career is truly the highlight of mine. To receive the confidence and trust from a brand that has shaped my career is humbling & fills my heart with such gratitude and joy. Thank you Bryan, Alec Tyler, Molly Peters, @matty_holloway , Sean Francis, Dr. Humes, Charlene DeHaven MD & the whole iS Clinical team for this opportunity, it means the world to me.

This was a great reminder to myself that the mind is our greatest asset, we have the power to shape our reality into anything we truly desire. 🔮

Looking forward to the upcoming Advanced Seminars in DC, Orlando & NYC! Who’s coming ?!

Sat down with #whitneytingle the Founder & Co-CEO of @Sakara Life to chat about all things bridal skincare prep using my go-to @furtunaskin products. They have partnered together for the perfect bridal program to look + feel your best before the big day. Some bridal tips: 1. Make a plan a year out 2. Use high quality products. 3. Keep consistent!

The iconic @isclinical Fire and Ice Facial for my beautiful client to exfoliate, replenish and hydrate.

FaceTime + Masks = FaceMaskTime

@freshisb featuring: KNC leaf eye masks
Myself featuring: Jan Marini Luminate mask
@haydastudios featuring: Jan Marini Skin Zyme
@jasminethefacialist featuring: KNC All Eyes on Me eye masks
@kalenfedail featuring: Biologique Recherche Masque Vivant (available via email or call)

Don’t sleep on this product!

I hate to admit it, but I did! Because I’ve been in a long term relationship with Pro Heal and Active Serum by
@iS CLINICAL I kind of skimmed over Brightening Complex and never really gave it a chance. After listening to Dr. Charlene DeHaven speak about this product, I knew I had to give it a try. I’ve been using it twice a day for the last ten days and already see such an improvement in my skin. Needless to say, we’ve added it to the shop!

This formula works to decrease pigment production, lighten and brighten current discoloration & mildly exfoliate while protecting and hydrating the skin. It’s actually the richest in antioxidants in the @isclinical range!

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