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Joanne L. Molinaro (이선영)


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Replying to @choisoobinbreadking why did the prince come over to my house?? #foodtiktok #foodtok #bagelsandwich #vegansandwich  created by Joanne L. Molinaro (이선영) with Joanne L. Molinaro (이선영)'s original sound
EP 39: How to Get Vulneable | On this week’s episode, we discuss the importance of getting vulnerable. I know, I know—my whole account is one, big, testament to vulnerability, but believe it or not, I actually suck at vulnerability. I’m very good at opening up to millions of strangers; but, I’m terrible at leaning on people who are actually in my life. Despite what I preach, my instinct is to keep a tight rein on my feelings, share only dribblings of my pain with my friends (mostly just to let them know I’m not a robot), and otherwise ignore my emotions until they become overwhelming (hence the inexplicable crying….).
But, as we discuss in this week’s episode, science has enumerated benefits to intimate relationships and therefore, we would all be wise to cultivate
#friendships , even if it doesn’t come naturally. Even if it goes against all the things we may have learned about being “strong” growing up.
These braised #mushrooms are very simple to make, but require a lot of time. I learned this method from Jeong Kwan Sunim, a #Korean Buddhist nun who makes the most AMAZING #plantbased food out of her temple in South Korea. I reconstituted dried shiitake mushrooms in water for 4 hours. I then threw them into a pan with two different soy sauces, two different fruit-based vinegars (plum and persimmon), and two different syrups (apple and brown rice). I braised them for about 2 hours, continuing to add water every time it had evaporated, until they were plump and juicy. I finished them off with a little more brown rice syrup and wild sesame oil. These are, bar none, the most delicious mushrooms I’ve ever made. #foodtiktok #foodtok #koreanfood #templecuisine #veganfood
It was such an honor having Prince Khaled at my house for dinner! What would you make if you had a prince coming over for dinner? Here’s everything I made:

#Tteokbokki (recipe on my Youtube and website)
#Kimchi Dooboo (recipe in my cookbook)
Braised Mushrooms (rehydrated mushrooms braised with two different soy sauces, apple syrup, brown rice syrup, persimmon vinegar, plum vinegar, and water for 2 hours, mixed with sautéed broccoli)
Perilla Potato Pancakes (batter made with mashed potatoes, potato starch, garlic powder, onion powder, salt, pepper, sesame oil, and water) #foodtiktok #foodtok #koreanfood #veganfood
#Healthy #Creamy #Pasta | I was inspired by @plantbasedrd to make this pasta and it turned out so good! Using hummus as my substitute for cream, sour cream, and mayo is one of my favorite cooking hacks!! Enjoy! #foodtiktok #foodtok #veganrecipesforbeginners
12 ounces orecchiette
1 tbsp EVOO
1 onion, julienned (I used both red and white)
3 cloves garlic, minced
Creole seasoning
salt, pepper
2 tbsp soy sauce
1 to 2 ladles pasta water
2 tbsp hummus
garnish with fresh herbs and toasted sesame seeds
EP 38 with @dylanlemay | #icecreamsundae Sometimes, listening to your heart can take the most courage. For whatever reason, we determine that our passions, values, instincts, and desires are unworthy and therefore, we should listen to our parents, peers, convention. But, a lot of times, parents, peers, and convention can be called something else: FEAR. When we listen to our fear, sometimes, it might be called wisdom. But, in no case could it be possibly be called courage. Check out EP 38 of Are You Ready with Joanne Molinaro (link in bio) to hear the rest of this conversation. As to the ice cream sundae, it’s an homage to my guest, Dylan. It’s pretty easy to make and so much better than any ice cream sundae I’ve ever had at a restaurant—because, you guessed it, it’s packed with the things I like! Some vegan cupcake, cherry pie filling, vanilla and chocolate ice cream, whipped cream, and chopped walnuts—with just a TOUCH of chocolate syrup. Yes, it’s all vegan and yes, it’s on my recipe app (The Kollective). This is not the kind of thing I can eat everyday without causing some serious tummy issues, but for special occasions and dinner parties, it’s JUST the thing! #foodtiktok #foodtok #dessert #veganrecipes
Focaccia & Beet Sandwich | I was taught that love always equals sacrifice. Loyalty means doing the hard thing, not the easy thing. True friendship isn’t about having fun, but about work. What I’ve discovered, however, is that love is far more malleable than this, that there must also be room for joy and gratitude and warmth in love. And I think that’s really it: “room.” Room to spread your joy without restriction; room to spill your anxiety until it dissolves within the stolid bounds of affection; and, room to watch your grief—together--as still as and unmoving as a stranger’s back. I am still mourning and it is no longer a verb, to me, so much as it is an adjective, part of who I am. And of all things, I draw so much comfort from friends who quietly see me as I am without explanation or translation.
As to the
#sandwich , I was walking through the farmers market and these beets wouldn’t let me leave without them. I thought it might be nice to make a sandwich out of them with the #focaccia bread I baked the day before. I also had some perilla leaves left over from the Gamja tang I’d made earlier in the week, along with my favorite hummus. I haven’t had as many sandwiches since going #vegan —I usually don’t find a bunch of veggies satisfying enough between two slices of regular bread. But, that’s the nice thing about focaccia—it’s hearty enough that it actually feels imbalanced to add too much between the thick slabs. I’ll be adding this to my recipe app (The Kollective) later this week, but for my quick notes, see below:
Roast the beets by poking holes all over with a fork, adding just a drop of EVOO, wrapping them in foil, and then sticking them in the air fryer or oven at 400°F or 450°F (respectively) until a sharp knife easily goes through the center. This can take 20 minutes or 70 minutes, depending on the size of your beet. Slice them about as thing as you would deli meat. Slather some of your fave hummus on the bread and then layer on your beets, perilla leaves, some roasted red bell pepper, a slice of your fave vegan cheese, and dig in! #foodtiktok #foodtok #cookwithme
EP 38 | Getting Vulnerable with @dylanlemay | On this week’s episode of Are You Ready with Joanne Molinaro, we get vulnerable with Dylan Lemay—a 26 year old who’s created a 15 million strong community bonded by the nostalgic icon of our childhoods: ice cream. Accruing hundreds of millions of views per video, Dylan went from being a store manager at Coldstone to the owner of his own ice cream shop in New York City. Unlike many content creators, Dylan almost never shows his face in his videos—partly to immerse his viewers in a VR-esque experience—but also out of sheer habit: Dylan isn’t used to being the main character in his own story and it’s through this lens that we discover that there’s far more to this ice cream throwing social media star than literally meets the eye. Join us as Dylan allows us a rare peek behind the curtain of this Wizard of Frozen Desserts.
Strawberh Kale Salad | The strawberries were so good and I had a bunch of fennel and leftover kale AND I really wanted to make something a little lighter for lunch, so I put together this #salad . I’m discovering there are a lot of “best practices” when it comes to salad: (a) variety of textures; (b) sweet, savor, AND tart; (c) lots of colors; (d) not over-/under-dressing. Here, I wanted to make sure the dressing didn’t get too heavy, so that other components of the salad could really shine. So, I nixed the fat from olive oil or some other heavy fat and stuck with one of my favorite kitchen hacks of all time—hummus + mustard! You can find the list of ingredients below—full recipe and nutritional info will be on my recipe app, The Kollective (link in bio)!
Dressing: hummus, mustard, garlic, basil, brown rice syrup
Salad: kale, cucumber, fennel, pecans, strawberries, vegan cheese (Babybel)
Garnish: fresh fennel fronds, basil leaves
Music by my husband @thepianoprofessor #foodtiktok #saladsoftiktok #kalesalad
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