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Jen | Renegade Motherhood


Mom of ✌🏻 + Health Coach Rethinking postpartum life Gut & brain health for moms

I’m not sure a piece of audio has ever made me feel more seen. 👀

I’m Jen and I’m a beverage goblin. 🙋‍♀️

Always juggling multiple beverages all the time.

Here are my top three:

1️⃣ WATER 💧
All damn day long. Massively upped this since moving to Colorado where it’s dry ALL. OF. THE. TIME. I start every morning with a huge glass of water and keep it on my nightstand.

I discovered this gut, mood and brain boosting blend during my first postpartum period and it did wonders. Nootropics, adaptogens and specific strains of probiotics designed to improve production of feel-good neurotransmitters. Free from caffeine, sugar and other crap. I don’t miss a day.

3️⃣ COFFEE with a little oat milk. ☕️
I’m fairly simple with my coffee but I do love my morning cup - especially as mornings are getting colder.

Ok your turn…

If you are a fellow Beverage Goblin, reveal yourself below and share your fav in the comments.

I’ll read the responses while I’m inevitably peeing 16x times today. 🤣

#wellhydrated #healthymoms #guthealthforlife #postpartumbody #toddlermomlife #maternalmentalhealth
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