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Jaylen Bledsoe





Good News! Update on the close of Silicon Valley Bank and its’ customers deposits.

- All SVB Depositors/Customers will have access to all of their deposits tomorrow, Monday.
- Another Bank was closed in NY, by NY State Regulators, Signature Bank. All of their customers will also have access to their deposits tomorrow.
- Taxpayers are not funding either of these solutions.
- To bring confidence to US Economy and Customers in US Banking Systems, the Fed is creating a $25B fund for a Bank Term Funding Program to offer one-year term loan against US Bonds/Securities. Banks can use this versus needing to sell, or concern customers with potential low liquidity with any large deposits.
- There’s no reason to be concerned about your small bank and move to large banks. The BTFP should calm any of these concerns.

FYI - I didn’t mention it in the video, but they’re obviously still economic concerns in the economy. A recession is coming, just know one knows the size. We could look at this as the first shoe to drop in the cascade of financial events. Hopefully they get smaller from here, versus bigger problems.

#SVB #SiliconValleyBank #recession
My man @Steve Harvey sent me a gift to start the new year off right. Check out @Steve Harvey's Levate You ! It’d only be right if every order came with these branded Beats. #newyear #health
Did some random #art today for the first time since probably 5th grade. #saturday
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