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Replying to @Dani The difference between a glycerite (or a glycerin 'tincture' as some call it) and an alcohol-based tincture boils down to a few key points.
First off, glycerites aren't actually tinctures. They're made with food-grade vegetable glycerin, and they're super sweet and syrupy—total kid-pleasers. 😋
If you want to go deeper on the pros and cons of each, don't miss the live class I'm about to teach.
Now, onto the alcohol-based brews. Those *are* tinctures. They can extract different medicinal goodies than glycerites and typically have a longer shelf-life.
Plus, you'll probably need a lower dosage. Each method has its own prep nuances and ideal herbs. So, yeah, this isn't your typical TikTok-herbal stuff—there's actual science in herbal medicine, folks. 🌿💡

#HerbalMedicineScience #KidFriendlyHerbs #AlcoholVsGlycerite #KnowYourHerbs #TinctureTalk #PlantPower #HerbalistLife #herbmom #naturalmom #tincturemaking #glycerite #ApothecaryMommas #MedicineMakinMommas #NaturalHealingForKids
Replying to @Basia can’t wait to have you in the upcoming herbal remedies class.
This quick video will show you how to get signed up.
Let me know if you have any other questions, happy to help 😊
#herbalremedies #herbclass #herbmom #herbalmedicine #herbclass #apothecarymomma #spreadlikewildflowers
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