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Alaina | Good Climate News


Appalachian Climate Activist Sustainability Scientist hello@thegarbagequeen.com



#stitch with @.definitelynotray This is really scary stuff we’re dealing with, so it’s okay to feel what you’re feeling. Just don’t let it lead to inaction — or to give up on your future.

Together we will address it — no matter what happens with Willow. Don’t feel like you have to carry the weight of all of it in your shoulders though. This is a team effort, and our team is growing in numbers and power every single day.

Don’t give up the fight, but don’t be afraid to take steps to protect your mental health.

#StopWillow #StopTheWillowProject #WillowProject #ClimateAnxiety #ClimateChange #ClimateGrief
Let’s #StopWillow y’all @thegarbagequeen
#stitch with @root_witch Please understand this information may change as new data becomes available, but as of now the entire watershed doesn’t need to be concerned.

I’m working with a team of scientists who are developing an app to collect citizen data on this disaster, so stay tuned.

But for now there is a link in my bio with a resource guide filled with information, data, and who to report concerning things to.

#EastPalestine #Ohio #TrainDerailed #EastPalestineOhio #OhioTrain #TrainWreck #Water
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