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Alaina Wood


garbage queen 👑 climate activist 🌎 scientist katherine@thewell.agency


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Three Fun Facts About Me: 1. I used to show tennessee walking horses 🐴  2. The tattoo on my arm is a lady fern 🌱  3. I know how to drive trash trucks 🛻 created by Alaina Wood with Alaina Wood’s original sound
#stitch with @.definitelynotray This is really scary stuff we’re dealing with, so it’s okay to feel what you’re feeling. Just don’t let it lead to inaction — or to give up on your future.

Together we will address it — no matter what happens with Willow. Don’t feel like you have to carry the weight of all of it in your shoulders though. This is a team effort, and our team is growing in numbers and power every single day.

Don’t give up the fight, but don’t be afraid to take steps to protect your mental health.

#StopWillow #StopTheWillowProject #WillowProject #ClimateAnxiety #ClimateChange #ClimateGrief
#stitch with @kati Do plastic bottles trap water forever?

It's highly unlikely considering the science of evaporation and the way our waste is managed at both landfills and recycling centers, however, it's still important to empty containers of liquids before throwing them away to avoid spills and contamination at solid waste facilities.

Freshwater scarcity is a very real issue, but trapped water in bottles is not to blame. In fact, the production of plastic water bottles requires way more water than what's left behind in bottles and even contributes to freshwater pollution.

Moral of the story: Empty bottles before throwing them out and do your best to avoid single use plastics regardless of this trapped water misinformation, because as I think we all know, plastic is bad for both people and the planet.

#TrappedWater #PlasticBottle #Plastic #WaterBottle #SingleUsePlastic #FreshwaterScarcity #SolidWaste #Landfills #Recycling
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