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Stories & insights from entrepreneurs changing the status quo across Africa.

Adia Sowho is one of the most experienced operators in the African tech ecosystem.

Over her career, she has:

Led multiple businesses at Etisalat, helping the telco grow from 5 to 23 million users in six years.

Headed product & growth at Migo, joining as employee
#7 .

Brought back Thrive Agric from the brink of failure as Interim CEO, not only leading to its survival but to 3x revenue growth.

To now, leading MTN Nigeria - a multi-billion dollar, publicly traded company - as its CMO.

In this episode, Adia talks about how important it is for the elder statesmen and women in the ecosystem to share lessons from their vast experiences.

And there is perhaps no better person on the continent to learn from than Adia Sowho.


To watch or listen to the full episode with Adia, check out the link in bio.

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In 2021, @Chipper Cash raised a $150 million Series C extension, valuing the startup at $2 billion.

But since, as its Co-founder & CEO, Ham Serunjogi shared, "it's been a tough 18 months".

The company has experienced a steep devaluation and multiple rounds of layoffs.

At the same time, they keep shipping, most recently launching their Chipper ID suite of products.

What has Ham learned? What would he do differently?

How is he shepherding the company through a difficult environment while operating in challenging markets?

In this episode, we hear from Ham about all that and much more ⬇️

#startuptiktok #tik_tok #startupfounder #chippercashapp
How @Stitch 's enterprise customers helped write their product roadmap.

#fypsounds #tik_tok #startuptiktok #startupfounder
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