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Your first gen older sister 🚀 Money | 👩🏻‍🏫 Career FREE budgeting course 👇🏽



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Big thank you to @Mujeron Movement @theeverboss and @trishabeltran for hosting a beautiful Women’s Empowerment Brunch 🥂

We had endless food, good conversation, beautiful decor, and a raw and authentic panel discussion. Thank you to all the amazing women who came out to spend time with us and build community.

Special shout out to my fellow panelists @anakarinaexists @juicey_gems @itsvodkarla

Video credit 🎥: @thekidfrompilsen

Missed this event but want to attend the next one? Sign up for more free monthly newsletter to be notified next time I have an in person event. L1nk in bye-oh

#chicago #latina #womenempowerment
Replying to @la_mera_merapa UPDATE! How to avoid fighting with your family over terrenos #latina #familia #terrenos
#gifted A must-read for all First Gen professionals!

I received an early copy of Alejandra Campoverdi's incredible new memoir, First Gen!

First Gen is an unflinching memoir about navigating social mobility as a first gen Latina, as well as a broad examination of the unacknowledged emotional tolls of being a trailblazer.

This memoir will make you feel seen and will validate all your experiences as the First and Only in new spaces. If you are the first in your family to navigate corporate spaces, YOU NEED THIS BOOK.

First Gen is available for pre-order now and will be released on 9/12/23
Replying to @Evie Translation VS Transcreation

“While translation focuses on replacing the words in one language with corresponding words in a new language, transcreation services is focused on conveying the same message and concept in a new language.”

No wonder this feels so much harder ! 🥵

A simple Google translate or ChatGPT prompt can translate. But that’s not good enough for an all Spanish webinar.

Thankful to have had @spanishconale support to help me transcreate my English to business level Spanish

Ale is on vacation but thankfully I’m able to continue tutoring with @aokresumes . For homework , she suggested I immerse myself in all Spanish:

🔥 Netflix in Spanish (currently watching Emily in Paris dubbed in Spanish)
🔥 Podcasts in Spanish (my go tos are Se Regalan Dudas and Maldita Pobreza)
🔥 Phone calls with my grandma, dad and sister @elisaballesterosf
🔥 Spanish music (good thing I’m going to the Selena tribute concert tomorrow, who’s going ?!💃🏽)
🔥 Spanish at home with English speaking husband 😔
🔥 Traba Lengas (Tres tristes tigers anyone?)
🔥Practicing Spanish answers out loud

Which one of these can you start incorporating into your everyday life?

#firstgen #latina #mexicana #bilingual
#ad Everyone could use a little boost! Get started today by downloading the free Experian App!
🍎 Spanish check in time!

Three months ago, I shared that I was sick and tired of Ben Affleck speaking better Spanish than me. I publicly declared that 2023 will be the year I learn how to speak business level Spanish.

This month I started one-on-one tutoring with
@Spanish Conale

During our tutoring sessions she helps me translate my English responses to Spanish, corrects my pronunciation and helps me practice my answers out loud so they sound more natural and less rehearsed.

Here's a behind the scenes look at the uncomfy part of re-learning Spanish  👀

When I shared my original video, many of you echoed what I said and shared you too wanted to improve your Spanish. This is your reminder to make it happen! Remember a goal without a plan is just a wish

#latina  #firstgen  #contentcreator  #bilingual  #financialeducator
#ad Consider following these steps to help you feel more in control of upcoming medical care #healthcare #UnitedHealthcare #healthinsurance #savings #save #affordability This video is brought to you by UnitedHealthcare.
Book writing is not for the faint of heart! The highs and lows of writing a book📚

Check out my podcast interview with my book writing coach,
@Stacy Ennis, M.A. on her podcast Beyond Better with Stacy Ennis.

We talked about all things book writing! Here are just a few of the topics we covered:

⭐️The inspiration for my book and why first-gen money advice should be different

⭐️ The moment I learned I won a $50,000 writing grant—and what I did afterward to be successful in completing my book

⭐️ Apps and practices I used to get me into the writing mode

⭐️The highs and lows of the book-writing process

⭐️Advice I wish I'd gotten earlier in my creator journey (spoiler: it's about scarcity mindset)

Stacy and I became good friends during our 6 months working together which made this interview more raw and authentic.

You can listen to it on wherever you listen to podcasts

#bookwriting #financialeducation #authorjourney #authorsjourney #tiktoklatinxcreativesgrant
#ad Consider following these steps to help you feel more in control of upcoming medical care #healthcare #UnitedHealthcare #healthinsurance #savings #save #affordability This video is brought to you by UnitedHealthcare.
#ad New Scholarship Alert!! @Always is helping the next generation of leaders achieve their educational dreams with the NEW Always Dreaming Scholarship.

Follow these simple steps to apply:

1. Head to alwaysdreamingscholarship.com

2. Create an account

3. Fill out the application – including the personal statement sharing your dreams!

But hurry applications close on 8/31/23 OR once 500 students have applied.

Make sure to spread the love and share this link with an eligible friend or family member. Best of luck to all!

#AlwaysPartner #AlwaysDreaming #dreambig #scholarship #education
Replying to @Rebecca After being personally impacted by fibroids, I feel a responsibility to raise awareness on the issue with this community. These are some of the symptoms I ignored

##fibroidawarenessmonth ##fibroids ##hysterectomy ##womenshealth
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