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Rose Cooper


Feminism. LGBTQIA+ rights. Anti-bigotry. Living on stolen land. 🖤💛❤️

#stitch with @The Qweer Agenda what is with Americans and #purityculture the 2020s? it’s #misogynistic It’s irrelevant. It’s reductive, immature, it’s your body. It’s nobodys business. It’s simply not a big deal. Please stop entertaining small minds with conversations that in any way validate this ancient, nonsensical, moral #doublestandard because #bodycountdoesntmatter
#onthisday I was pretty pleased with this, and the original video I stitched see it here:
@Rose Cooper as a cusp #boomer #genx I raised #millenials and #genz and I gotta say - the latter annoy me a lot less 😂 #generationaltrauma
Replying to @Loki please change your screen name. Tom Hiddleston deserves better. Saying neo yatzis are just “h8ers” who have “their own truth” Is a WEIRDLY mild description of an ideology that wishes actual eradication of people who didn’t share their “truth”. BTW fascist’s ideologies aren’t “truths”.
#stitch with @Terry and Katie #foreducationalpurposesonly you can have great s*x with anyone with whom you have good chemistry. Great relationships, however, occur when people have done enough work on themselves to cultivate GENUINE intimacy, grace & vulnerbility with each other. We’re way too eager to “kiss it better”, use s*x as a Band-Aid when we should spend more time talking & listening. Great s*x does not mean you’re with the “right” person - if that’s all you have going for you! Just saying! #morningcoffee #storytime #intimacy #relationshipmyths
#onthisday #grapeculture #russelbrand referring to one’s former promiscuity does not excuse the fact that you were also someone who at the very least, has treated women poorly & exploited the disadvantaged for clout
#laurenboebert It’s not what you’re doing - but where you’re doing it, you absolute hypocrite. #entitledpeople
#duet with @Lilah 💜 you rock Lilah, thank you. That Spotlight report was sensationalist GARBAGE. #liambartlett shame on you. Call yourself a journalist?! #shamechannel7 #propaganda #stopthelies #protecttranslives
Replying to @Michael Triance https://www.creativespirits.info/aboriginalculture/people/how-to-name-aboriginal-people

cut and paste or google it. Cheers. #respectFNP #alwayswasalwayswillbe #voteyes #treatynow #voicetreatytruth
This person cracks me up! #foreducationalpurposesonly you’ll find the original on her page. And watch this tidy response from the always awesome
@Stella 🧿💙 Those numbers definitely do not lie, do they @Austin Archer ? 😆 #ratio #delulu😂 #whyaretheylikethis🤣🤣🤣
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