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Cherie Villa| Lash Educator


I help lash artists through the challenges of lashing with my 9 yrs experience




Reusable Lash Pads!

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Lash Placement

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Tape back techniques

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L curl

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Lash Adhesive

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Day of a Lash Artist!

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Lash mapping

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Fun Videos!

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Lash Education

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Lash Artist ASMR

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How To’s/ Tutorials

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Microfoam tape

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Clean your lashes!

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Replying to @bypriscillazarate just restocked! #amberlashartistryproducts #reusablelashpads #lashpads #siliconepads #amberlashartistrypads  created by Cherie Villa| Lash Educator with Rea's I been drinking
Replying to @lleahmf I put my lash pad balm on the pad for the top lid! And for tape backs!
Replying to @lashwithtanya ive came up with this method and experimented for months with these! I cant wait to share and continue to make lashing easier!!! @theelashgirl @theelashgirl @theelashgirl
Replying to @arielp107 have a bowl of some sort of water next to you and dunk your pads in the water just like i did in this video! They literally melt into the under eye! Super satisfying! Lmk if you have anymore questions! Ive done most of the testing! Cant wait to share whats next!!!! #lashpads #reusablelashpads #siliconepads #amberlashartistrypads #amberlashartistryproducts
Replying to @dorissaquilan Announcing the Winner on LIVE Saturday 7 pm CST! No rules just as long as you follow me! And you can share!
Replying to @jannethlpz todays spotlight products! For the signiture half set of mine!!! And launching our baby lashes!!! Im a bit late so im gonna extend this one until tomorrow 1:00 CST 👀
M curl and B curls! Use code BABYM20 at checkout with M & B curls in your cart!
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