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Dr. LaTanya|Christian Coach


Christian Coach👩🏽‍💻|Consultant|Speaker🎙 Giving you 🔑s to unlock ur next

#kingdombusiness #relationshipwithgod #christiancoach #dategod #godismyceo #christiantiktok #walkinpurpose #keepgodfirst #dategod #nofear #godsplan created by Dr. LaTanya|Christian Coach with Official Sound Studio’s Lazy Sunday
How to see crazy growth in your brand, Kingdom business, or ministry, try this⬇️

➡️ Be yoselfffff! I specialize in bringing my authentic self everywhere I go. What you see online, on Zoom, or in person is the same exact person. When you realize that people really desire the authentic version of you not the "social media" version, you'll show up as your full self. This is guaranteed to help in every way possible. It's the reason why I'm transparent and why I'm open to sharing as well.

➡️ Create your own timeline! It's nice to scroll and get some inspo but I promise you dont have to compare or copy anyone else's strategy. God has one for you. One thing imma do is use these ideas lead by Holy Spirit and where it's popular or not, I'll be obedient. When I hear people say "imma steal that, or try that" I cringe. Ask God first. Just because He gave it to them doesn't mean it's for you. Tune in and watch how you grow.

➡️ Stay in yo laneeee! I remember seeing what someone else was doing 3 years ago to be exact. I heard God say STAY IN YOIR LANE...Just because the did a challenge or an event or a (insert the idea here) doesn't mean you need to do one too. Take those ideas and inspirations to Him first, yours might be meant to be different.

How will you implement either of these for your brand growth? Have you shown up this way before? If so, what results did you see?
#christianbasedcoach #faithmove #unlockyournextlevel #faithbasedspeaker #dallasinfluencer #christiancoach #
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