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The Cotton Mouse


Fabric shop in Clitheroe, Lancashire https://thecottonmouse.co.uk

Hello gang! Hope we’re well this lovely friday. I just wanted to put out a little message about Black Friday. The cotton mouse will not…repeat not, be holding a Black Friday sale. This is for a number of reasons. Firstly- we’ve all done it, bought goodies in the Black Friday sales because they seemed like too good an offer to refuse, but then cast items in the back of a drawer never too be seen again. Our environment is not in a stable enough state to support this type of mindless consumption. I want you to buy from me because you value what I have to offer, not just because your drawn in to needless purchasing.
Secondly- small business are not based on the same models as the large corporations that slash there prices at this time of year. Corporations that often inflate their prices prior to Black Friday to create the illusion of a bargain. I pride myself on the fact that my business retains good prices all year round. In fact- I challenge you to check out some of the big names in the fabric industry, and what you’ll find is that my prices are incredibly good value and stay that way.
I hope you can understand my reasoning here. And as an anti-black Friday measure, I will be donating 10% of all profits today to @suerydercharity as an example of how shopping local can bring benefits to your local community ❤️❤️❤️#s
#shopsmall s#shoplocal b#blackfriday b#blackfridaysale b#blackfridaydeals a#antiblackfriday n#noblackfriday s#supportlocal r#responsibleconsumption responsibleshopping
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