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Colby Martin


Progressive Christianity & conscious spirituality can nourish, heal, and save.

Rarely does responding to people make a difference. Beyond that, you dont owe anyone an explanation of or a defense for the fact that you know what is Real, True, and Good: that you are a #LovedChildofGod full stop. Feel free to ignore all comments that demand you explain your thoughts on this #clobberpassage or that random verse. Take care of yourselves this month, dear #lgbtqchristians . Dont let people take your peace and joy this #pridemonth

#fyp #foryoupage
Hapoy #pride ! Oh and also, its simply NOT TRUE that the bible (or God) are anti-LGBTQ. Need resources? Ive discounted my #unclobber online courses for the month of june. Check ‘em out , link in bio
I’ve noticed that when strangers think I’m gay, the vitriol in their comments ratchets up by magnitudes. Whatever filter of decency most of my critics apply, that thing disappears if the commenter thinks I’m gay.
Just one of the many ways that is straight allies can only semi-sorta comprehend the experience of our queer siblings. (Can we call this
#DecencyPrivilege? Just workshopping here…)

In my first book, UnClobber, I wrote about “infrahumanization,” a phenomenon whereby humans can treat other humans who they perceive to be monsters (aka, not-quite fully human) with great hostility and hatred, but not feel about it. They still think they’re a good person! Their brains let them treat “monsters” horribly all while not impacting their conscience one bit.

#lgbtqaffirming #progressivechristian #progressivechristianity #openandaffirming #inclusive #postevangelical #faithfullylgbtq #fyp #foryoupage
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