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The Climate Clock melds art, science & technology to get the world to #ActInTime



As #COP27 is getting closer to an end, we celebrate the youth and diverse voices that keep fighting for climate justice. As Xiye Beara mentioned during her panels at the climate conference, everyone has a climate story. What is yours? What is happening at your territory and on the world we live in? How do you find community and hope? How do we invite more and more people to #ActInTime? As the #CLIMATECLOCK shows we have a window of time to act, to change, to transform.
We’re at #COP27 and these are just some of our demands. Come say hi to us, borrow a #ClimateClock for your events or activities, or spread the word online from home.Find out how to get involved here: http://www.climateclock.world/cop27
We are 15 days from #COP27 and activists from all over the world will demand action in this window of hope we have. The Climate Clock shows that we are now under seven years to prevent the planet from warming 1.5°C. There is no more space for greenwashing and false solutions. The expectations around this COP that will take place in Egypt are high and everyone needs to keep in mind that delay equals denial. We hope that future generations won’t have to fight the same fight as we face nowadays. #ActInTime #CLIMATECLOCK
We want to introduce our #NewsfeedOfHope series - a bimonthly update on the climate solutions, great ideas, and good news for our planet.At a time when our newsfeeds are flooded with alarming climate news, we wanted to save some space for the positive stories - the people out there inventing bold new solutions, shaking things up, taking action and fighting for climate justice.On a bimonthly basis, we will be sharing our Newsfood of Hope updates. Because hope matters. #ClimateClock
On #ClimateEmergencyDay 2022, people from California to Abuja, New Orleans to London, Accra to Harrisburg, and Rome to Jerusalem, gathered in a global moment of silence to watch the #ClimateClock tick over from 7 to 6 years.People filled the first moments of the “Climate New Year” with climate resolutions— personal declarations to continue the fight for people and planet.We were both touched and invigorated by the response the day got. Thank you to all who participated! 🌎🌿
On July 22nd, the #CLIMATECLOCK in New York City's Union Square ticked down from 7 years to 6 years.It was witnessed by a crowd of people who were joined by many others across the world in a Global Moment of Silence to mark the occasion and recommit themselves to bolder, more courageous climate action in this next year.What’s at stake for you? And what are you going to do about it? Let’s make every year count. 🌍🌿🌎Footage by: Nemo Allen #ActInTime #Clim ateClock #MyCl imateResolution #Clim ateEmergencyDay
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