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Celeste - The Birth Store


Onwer of The Birth Store - TENS machine hire in 🇦🇺 + pregnancy to postpartum

Organising a TENS machine for your labour and birth has never been easier. You can hire yours for 4, 6 or 8 weeks and there are 3 machines to choose from. It's delivered straight to you anywhere in Australia and we even include a pre-paid return satchel for when you're done. A TENS machine is the most valuable investment for your birth and is so easy to use. Head to our website via the link in our bio to hire yours, or drop any questions you may have below and we'll get back to you ASAP.  #smallbusinessaustralia #perthsmallbusiness #pregnancyau #pregnancyaustralia #labouranddelivery #pregnanttiktok #birthstories #viralsound #tensmachine  created by Celeste - The Birth Store with Danilo Stankovic’s Pieces (Solo Piano Version)
The ultimate tool for drug-free pain relief in your labour 🙌

Hire a TENS machine for your birth, from as little as $45 for 4-weeks. It is the most valuable investment for the most memorable day of your life.

Our TENS machines are recommended by midwives, obstetricians and parents Australia-wide. But don't just take our words for it, with over 400 five star reviews you'll be spoilt for choice looking for first hand experiences.


" Couldn't have given birth without it!
With the TENS machine, my first birth was spontaneous, vaginal and unmedicated. I used it from early labour all the way to pushing, and even had it on when I birthed my placenta and got my stitches done. The amazing part is, even at the peak of my contraction pain, I never reached the machine's highest intensity level! We are planning to have another baby and I will definitely hire again!"


I wanted to say thank you for supplying such an incredible labour tool!
After completing a hypnobirthing course during my pregnancy I was convinced I wanted to try for a drug free birth.
I am so proud to say that the only pain relief I had during the entire labour and delivery was the TENS machine.
I was certain I would want to get in the bath and shower during labour however when it came down to it- I just couldn’t give up the TENS machine!
So glad I hired this incredible little device.
A million thank-yous from myself and baby Nova. 🤍"

Head over to our reviews page to find hundreds of reviews just like these and book a TENS machine in for your birth, you won't regret it ❤

We can't wait to support you in your labour ❤

#pregnanttiktoks #pregnanttiktok #pregnancyaustralia
I always see #tensmachinechallange videos and it always baffles me. I used a TENS with both my labours and never found it painful and now we test them on ourselves daily.

So here is an accurate representation of what the TENS machine feels like, you'd normally only level up when you felt like you were used to the current level you're on, but here I've shown you what it feels like when quickly powering up.

What did a TENS machine feel like for you?

#tensmachine #labouranddelivery #smallbusinessperth #smallbusinessaustralia #pregnancyaustralia #pregnancyau #pregnanttiktok
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