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The Bamboo Abode


In our wine + cheese era 🍷🧀 Shop The Bamboo Abode Cheese Board Sets on Amazon!

🍽️🌿 Rosemary Butter Candle!

We tried the viral butter candle and it was divine! Made with rich butter, fragrant rosemary, and a hint of garlic, this is more than just a dish—it's a conversation starter.

* 1 stick of unsalted butter
* Fresh rosemary sprig
* Garlic cloves
* Salt
* Food-safe wick
* Plastic cup

How to Make:
* Gently melt the butter, infusing it with rosemary and garlic.
* Let it steep on a low flame for 10 minutes.
* Strain the mix to keep it smooth.
* Place a food-safe wick in a plastic cup.
* Pour the butter into the cup and freeze until set.
* Light it up at your table and watch the magic happen!

Serve this buttery delight with fresh bread on our 7-piece cheese board set for an elegant dining experience 🕯️🥖

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