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Replying to @Zain Merchant - RE Canva Hacks for Realtors Part 4. Use the Magic Design tool to easily create social media posts #canvahacks #canvahacksforrealtors
Replying to @TheCooperFamilyLife Canva Hacks for Realtors Part 3. Create a clickable email signature! #canvahacks #canvahacksforrealtors

What is ChatGPT? It’s an AI tool that you can have human-like conversations with. You interact with it by typing in text prompts, and it gives you amazing results. Here are some examples for your real estate business:

1️⃣ Instagram Captions: ChatGPT can whip up engaging and creative captions tailored to your audience. To get the best results, make your prompts as detailed as possible and specify the tone you want.
• Example: “I am a Realtor posting a picture on Instagram of a modern-style, single-family home; Details: The house is for sale and has 4 bedrooms, 5 bathrooms, and a 2-car garage; Caption tone: simple words but professional; Goal: engage other realtors and their clients and create conversation on the post”

2️⃣ Email Marketing: Create compelling emails that keep your clients engaged. Be specific with your prompts, and give it context and desired tone.
• Example 1: “Write a warm, welcoming email to a new client interested in 2-bed apartments in the city, introducing our services.”
• Example 2: “Draft a professional follow-up email to a client who recently visited a suburban family home.”

3️⃣ Writing Listing Descriptions: ChatGPT can help you describe properties in an alluring way that’ll captivate buyers. Give detailed prompts and indicate the feeling you want to evoke.
• Example 1: “Describe a 3-bedroom, beachfront house with a modern design and a spacious backyard in a way that feels relaxing and inviting.”
• Example 2: “Describe a vintage, renovated loft in the city center that feels vibrant and full of character.”

• The more specific and detailed your prompts, the better the results
• Describe the tone (ex. Is it for a luxury client? You might want a professional tone)
• Always fact check! They don’t guarantee 100% accurate information

What do you use ChatGPT for? Comment below👇🏽

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