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The AntiHR HR Lady


Aka@baldgirlwilltravel. HR is not your friend. I. Am. I block & report all spam

📢 Hey, AntiHR warriors! I'm @theantihrhrlady, bringing some crucial insights your way. In a world where workplace discrimination and toxicity persist, let's shed light on the top 5 sectors that tend to create a hostile, discriminatory environment—especially for Black women. 🚫💼

No sugarcoating here: The truth is, no workplace in the USA is immune to potential discrimination and hostility. Our nation's history is proof of systemic racism deeply ingrained in society—it's a fact, not a debate. 🇺🇸

Now, my rankings are drawn from my clients' experiences. I want to be clear: This isn't the experience of ALL employees or ALL Black women, but it'll likely resonate with many Black women in the employment trenches across America. 🤝

Join me in watching the full video on my Youtube channel via the link in my bio!

Black women, your thoughts and experiences matter—share them in the comments. This is a safe space for our voices. If you're not a Black woman, please understand I'm not addressing you directly in this conversation. ✊🏾

Now, let's talk solutions. If you're in one of these sectors dealing with discrimination and toxicity, here's your game plan:

1️⃣ Clearly identify the discrimination.
2️⃣ Document it meticulously with the antiHR documentation journal (find it in my TikTok shop and on my website).
3️⃣Communicate the documented discrimination to HR effectively
4️⃣Request a negotiated separation with severance—ask your employer to pay you to leave this toxic work environment.

Ready to master these steps? My online master course, "How to ask for an exit from a discriminatory hostile workplace with cash and actually get it!" has you covered. 📚💼

The course provides step-by-step guidance and user-friendly HR communication templates. Grab access through the link in my bio or on my website.

Knowledge is power, and together, we can arm ourselves with the tools to combat and escape workplace discrimination. Remember, HR isn't your enemy, but they're not your friend either. I've got your back! 💪🏾

#discrimination #ToxicWorkEnvironment #racism #BlackWomenAtWork #Empowerment #AntiHR #discriminationfighter #hr #hrtips
#repost and 🎥 @mrs_ejspeaks take it from your antiHR, HR Lady: Keep your business to yourself at work! This video did make me laugh out loud though😂😂😂 #looselipssinkships #hr #hrtips #hradvice
Are you being subjected to a hostile workplace but you think you don’t have recourse because there is no racial or gender based discrimination?

In my latest video I explain why you shouldn't limit your understanding of discrimination to just race, ethnicity, and gender.

🤔 Ever thought it might be age, gender identity, gender orientation, or disability discrimination that's affecting you? It's crucial for employees, especially Black Women, to recognize that other protected characteristics could be at the root of their workplace challenges.

Sadly women are notorious for engaging in discriminatory bullying, and micro aggressions against other women. Whyte\ women are the champions on this front but Black women and other POC women do it to each other as well. Women can be their own worst enemies at work. It ain’t always the Patriarchy sometimes is just US and our desire for Patriarchy proximity and Whyte proximity.

📝 The key to taking action is careful documentation. I've updated the AntiHR Documentation Journal with more prompts, tips, and definitions to help you spot and record discrimination in your workplace effectively.

💼 Once you've gathered the evidence, it's time to develop a strategy for reporting it to HR. And guess what? I've got a whole online course dedicated to that – "How to ask for an exit from a discriminatory hostile workplace with 💰 and actually get it." 💵 You'll find all the strategies you need to make your employer pay you to leave that workplace!

Ready to make a change? Visit my website to access the course and empower yourself.

Remember, just because your workplace discrimination doesn't fit the traditional mold doesn't mean it's not discrimination. Know the signs and take action!

#WorkplaceJustice #DiscriminationAwareness #EmpowerYourself #racism #discrimination #blackwomen #hr #hrtip #hrtiktok
#repost and 🎥 itskimberlyrenee

WE Are the blueprint. We always have been and the only people who don’t know that is us!

it’s the reason they go after us at work and everywhere else because they want to be us and they never will be.

More than anything. I want Black women to recognize and celebrate how special and important and great we really are.

There is no them without US There is no them without us

We are the blueprint.

#blackwomen #wearetheblueprint #jannwenner
Repost @The Odditty this did my heart so good. As I watch yet another video across my feed about what black men want, or don’t want (newsflash: I don’t care) I want to remind US to focus OUR minds and energy on what we want and what we deserve. Dear Black women: Stop, letting what other people think and say, define what you believe about yourself. This includes people that look like you. As I watch this video, I think about how much of these negative narratives come from us to each other. As Black women loving yourself is the most revolutionary thing you can do every single day ##loveyourself ##putyourselffirst
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