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All the older, wealthy people have one thing in common that makes them wealthy: they diversified their investments. It doesn’t matter if you are talking about Elon Musk, Bill Gates, or Jeff Bezos, they all have a diverse portfolio.  Bill Gates has money in farmland, he has money in seeds, and he has money in the stock market. And that’s the game - to be diversified. It allows you to make errors and if you spread it out good enough, it can save you. #diversifyyourinvestments  #investing #wealthmindset #wealthy #investments #moneytok #entrepreneur #economy #finance created by Alexander Kidd with 's Warm Nights
I was talking with @Peter Schiff about how Iraq struck a deal to sell oil in RMB. He said that was really a slap in the face to the US because we liberated Iraq and now they’re saying thanks but we don’t want to use the dollar anymore.

When you look at 3rd world countries like Lebanon, they have massive inflation and they use the USD. Peter explained that the countries that don’t use their local currency, use the US dollar but that is going to change. Everyone will eventually use gold because of the store of value gold has, and how we can faciliate transactions through the internet. We can use it on the blockchain, and wouldn’t need banks for checking accounts. Only to faciliate transactions in gold & to pay interest on depositor’s savings. But we won’t need banks for payments.

#inflation #gold #preciousmetals
#investing #investingtips #currencycrisis
#economy #finance #fintok
@Peter Schiff explains how in this economy, it’s very expensive to own a home. The cost to repair the house is going up. The cost to ensure the property is going up. And most likely, property taxes are going to go up. There’s a lot of expenses.

I asked about being a winner in inflation and he said in order to protect myself from inflation, you could buy some gold, silver, precious metals. But in general, wealthier people with a lot of assets are getting richer, because inflation helps them.

##realassets ##mortgages ##realestate ##propertytax ##inflation ##preciousmetals ##economy ##finance ##fintok
I got a chance to discuss AI with @Peter Schiff and we talked about how artificial intelligence is another tool.

I asked if we can use AI to make the right decision and get rid of the Fed because it knows exactly what we need to do. Peter explained that we don’t need the federal reserve to begin with. The government is the most incompetent.

In the entertainment industry, think about all of the resources you need to create a movie. The production, the budget, the cast. It’s all very costly. But soon, ai will be able to create all of that instantaneously - for nothing. And this is good stuff.

Take digging for example. If you don’t have a tool, you use your hands. But when you have a shovel, you don’t have to dig with your hands. But then you have a bulldozer, so you don’t have to use the shovel. AI is the exact same. It will reduce the need for labor and increase our standard of living.

#fe#federalreserve i#ai r#aritificialintelligence e#fed o#government i#financialcrisis c#economy i#finance i#fintok
Had a chance to talk with @Peter Schiff and asked him about inflation. Why is inflation bad? If your salary rises as inflation does, doesn’t everything stay the same? Peter explained how most people don’t see salary raises fast enough, which means that as inflation rises, so do the prices of goods, which results in us always chasing those prices. We’re always behind the curve.

##inflation ##costofliving ##salaryincreases ##econtok ##labor ##recession ##economy ##finance ##fintok
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