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Culinary writer/ product development 🌱nostalgic food✨



Although I stepped out of the kitchen for a moment, I’ll be sharing more plant based content with you soon🌱 Stay tuned for the launch of another episode of The Vintage Veg on UnChainedTV📺 as well. Jane Velez-Mitchell (the founder of UnChainedTV) is truly wonderful to work with and is tireless in her efforts to produce content in support of animal welfare. #seeyousoon #chillouttime #needabreak #timeout #naturemoments #kitchenclosed #nostalgicfood #thevintageveg created by the_vintage_veg with the_vintage_veg's original sound
My brother Steve moved to Italy after college to learn how to make authentic, brick-oven, Italian pizza. I was in Manhattan visiting a friend, and had to stop by. I made this video for my kids & wanted to share it with you. Steve originally opened his restaurant in Ridgewood, NJ (won some awards), & then moved up to #tuxedopark , NY. I have never tasted pizza like my brother’s. He has mastered the art of pizza making. The crust has the perfect balance of crunch & chew, & he’s meticulous about sourcing his ingredients, right down to the coffee. But that’s just my opinion. If you’re ever in the area, you should stop by. Tell him, I sent you✨ For those interested in lighter fare, he does have a salad pizza 🥗! #familyandfood #thevintageveg #nostalgicfoodandfamily #oldrecipesmadenew #theartofpizza #finestingredients
#billyjoelsongs #1970smusic❤️ #thevintageveg #plantfood Come and join me @YouTube on UnChainedTV for some nostalgic recipes🥣 Hit the like button if you want to see more of my cooking videos, & thank you!🌱
#downtime #outofthekitchen #thevintageveg #naturetimeout #mindoff #trysomethingnew2023 Come and join me on UnChainedTV @thevintageveg🌱 Let me know of you would like to see more 🌱plant-based recipes by hitting the like button. For 🌱food collaborations, reach me @lauracrotty.com☀️
Come join me on UnChainedTV
@TheVintageVeg for some more great recipes! By the way, I used grain-free tortilla chips for the nachos here (made from Cassava root)! You can’t go wrong by adding LOTS of scallions.
#plantbasedsnackideas #thevintageveg #nostalgicfoodie #genxfood #genxsnacks #80ssnack #oldrecipesmadenew #plantfoodie
Queso Ingredients:
-2 cups of raw cashews
-3 tablespoons lemon juice or 1🍋
-1/4 cup + 2 T nutritional yeast
-1/2 t paprika
-1 t garlic powder
-1 t onion powder
-1/2 t chili powder
-2 t salt (or to taste)
-1-2 t hot sauce (I used Sirracha)
Quick soak the cashews. Take water, off the boil, & pour over the cashews. Let sit for 10 minutes, drain, & add to the recipe. Add all of the ingredients together in a blender & process until smooth. Chill to thicken (about 1 hour). You can also reduce the queso over low/medium heat. Stir the queso in a saucepan until it begins to bubble and thicken to your liking. Lower the heat if the sauce starts to bubble rapidly; you want it to simmer gently. Enjoy!
My mom is full of life.
I’m proud of her every day☀️ This is part of a series of questions I recently asked her. I encourage you to do the same, before it’s too late❤️ I have so many memories of my mom & all the meals she prepared while raising five kids! I cherish her✨
#familytime #ilovemom #thankyoumom #foodandfamily #thevintageveg #thelittlevegandessertcookbook📖 #unchainedtv Come and join me on UnChainedTV. I’ll share some of our favorite #nostalgic recipes, made entirely from plants🌱🥕🥦 Make sure to hit the #like button if you want to see more of my videos on UnChainedTV. Help me spread the word about how yummy plant food can be! Join me on Substack for more related content🌱 #learnfromthepast
’ll be giving away a free cookbook🥣 Stay tuned📺 for details!🌱
#plantfoodie #thelittlevegandessertcookbook #thevintageveg Come and join me on UnChainedTV📺 I’ll share some of our favorite nostalgice recipes, re-created with plant-based ingredients🌱🥕🥦🥒
I found this cookbook in a used bookstore in Brooklyn NY. I don’t know many people that don’t love #chocolatecake 🍫. It really is a perfect dessert. What’s your favorite chocolate cake memory? Try making it with plant-based ingredients. You can find this recipe in #thelittlevegandessertcookbook📖🌱 Come and join me on #unchainedtv and I’ll teach you how to make a #plantbased version of #lemonmeringue pie 🍋 Hope to see you there.
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