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There is no matter of greater importance than meeting with God. It is this surrendered practicr that guides my life, my parenting, my business, and how I serve everywhere. May you remember who you are and whose you are. With great love. ❤️🫶🏽 #paramhansayogananda #spiritualawakening #spiritualpractice🌿 #godwithin  created by 🔮Shakti - HD & EFT 🧚‍♀️ with Tata Yamashita's Quiet meditation music(917712)
Your Business Hangups Are Likely Childhood Hangups - let me explain.

The cycles we get stuck in early on stay - with - us.

Example: If you lived thru an incidence that cemented a template of abandonment for you - you will continue to live that out in congruence with the template you created unknowingly.

After doing hundreds of charts and working with dozens of entrepreneurs - I can ASSURE you that some of the major Hangups you have as a business owner have a stake in your past.

👉🏽 One of my clients who got made fun of as a 7 year old for her culture at lunch time in elementary school than became the business owner terrified of stepping into any group setting for fear of being casted as different & thereby being rejected.

👉🏽 Another client carrying a heavy emotional load of shame linked to her alcoholic parents and how their behavior negatively impacted her life a way child - now realizing that same shame is showing up in everything she wants to pursue.

I could literally go on endlessly.

If you find that you are stuck and in a loop in your business - know that there is an emotional component to it.

Know that integrating that IS the best investment you could put into your business.

Start making moves from a healed and whole place - boss. You deserve that.

Bonus - once you start really healing you’ll get a RUSH of energy back to your body and you’ll notice you’re not so tired anymore.

If you’re ready to drop the struggle bus - I have TWO magical incubators for you.

💗The Emotional Freedom Incubator is an 8 week container designed to help you collapse negative beliefs & integrate painful experiences rapidly & with support.

✨ The Genius Incubator is a 12 week container *specifically* for entrepreneurs designed to take them as business owners from stuck & lost to aligned & on fire using deep Human Design analysis and EFT for rapid deconditioning.

Apply in 🔗 💋

#humandesigntiktok #selflovehealingjourney #energywork #eft #tappingeft
#greenscreen My first 5 figure launch was a pretty magical and I feel validated ASF with the results! This can be you ALSO. Master your gifts & become widlly magentic. ⚡️⚡️ #humandesigntiktok #spiritualtiktok #ancestralhealing #spiritualbusinessowner #humandesignmanifestinggenerators #humandesignmanifestors #humandesignprojectors #humandesignreflectors #humandesigngenerators
From unable to say “I deeply & completely love & accept myself” to saying it and meaning it in 6 weeks.

EFT has a set up phrase that we use when we start working on any specific issue or emotion, it sounds like “Even though I (insert difficult emotion or challenge), I deeply & completely love and accept myself.”

When I first started working with this client she could NOT remember that ending part for the life of her.

Then she COULD remember it but she would close her eyes or stumble through it.

That was all an indicator for me that she was not able to receive those words.

So I made the decision to adapt it because in order for EFT to be truly effective, you have to be able to get behind what you’re saying.

I changed it to, “I choose to believe that I’m doing the best I can.” She could say that easily.

After a few sessions we moved to “I deeply & completely accept myself”.

We stayed there for a few more sessions and then today we finally landed on “I deeply & completely love & accept myself.” When I brought it up to her, she giggled and said, “I noticed it too!”

For me as a practitioner that moment was everything.
Because, what I know is that when we are able to love & accept ourselves despite our flaws, challenges, and traumas - that’s when we can open the door for actual healing.

So even though we’ve done amazing work on her specific issue she came in with, if we had done nothing except get to THIS place where she could say those words - I knew I had done my job.

Healing is always available to you.
Start where you are and work with what you have.
You’ve got this.

PS. Designed to Shine will close for enrollment in THREE DAYS. Inside the program students are able to get access to full EFT sessions at a student rate I’ve never offered before. If you’re an entrepreneur ready to align your business with your soul’s blueprint - you do NOT want to miss this program!
#humandesignchart #eft #tapping #emotionalhealing #healingjourney
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