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⚰The Modern Mortician


Rogue Mortician Undertaking Modern Death Care w/ #grieftherapykermit 🐕 💙 🧠 ⚰




Burial at Sea

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Life Forest 💗🌲

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Greener Death

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Kermit 💚

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Funeral Hacks💸🥅

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Sweet Goodbye

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BS Funeral Products

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Titan Casket

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Parting Stones

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Replying to @x_faeliin_x I almost did a Farrh Vader pyre in Texas but we all chickened out when the weather forecast was gonna be iffy.  created by ⚰The Modern Mortician with Ramol's Dream Away
Replying to @wassabi._.s Doable and affordable. I also know of providers in California! #burialatsea #pacificocean #themodernmortician
Replying to @esthertrevino9755 you are blessed with green burial spaces in Texas. I started my career at Eloise Woods ❤️ #Texasgreenburial #Texasgreenburial #themodernmortician
Replying to @kaytedid3 #greenscreen Follow @Nicki💧⚱️ to learn about the eco friendly alternative to flame 🔥 cremation #toxicdeathpractices
Replying to @southernbelle423 #greenscreen more bad news today.... not only is the yreepod bs, so is the mushroom shroud, and I was there! #mushroomshroud
Replying to @meganhaltom86 #greenscreen I have some not so good news .... and then great news! you have options! the tree podcast is bogus tho. #greenburial #treepodburial
#stitch with @cancelthisclothingcompany let me tell you how @Taylor Swift could liberate us from corporate death care by creating green burial forests with me 🧚‍♀️ #antihero #taylorswift #greenburial
#duet with @ShredderVs The first time I saw and really understood the facts behind the industrial human composting method, I began to ask questions they didn't like. Tou have choices. If NOR is what you want, other offer it at half the cost, use materials from the land you're processing on as opposed to farmed and hauled in from who knows where, and 4 seasons over warehouse lights and tarps with pictures on them. The good good available in select areas and growing. Available in Colorado and Washington as of 5/23
#stitch with @lucineia209 so many twisted straps forever haunting my nightmares.... ever try to put a bra over your head while you're wet? and wear it like that first go for ETERNITY -I'll never be forgiven.
Sebaahstian's water cremated remains stop back where it all began at @purlyshell Purly Shell Fiber Arts, where we delivered condolences to his caretaker @purlyshellpirate and started the online process of arranging for his remains to be solidified by @partingstone #watercremation #solidifiedremains #watercremation
Replying to @nicmik_resomation click on my friend @nicmik_resomation profile to learn all about water cremation aka alkaline hydrolysis aka resomation! #greencremation #watercremation #resomation
Replying to @the_modern_mortician R Sebaahstian the Lamb, Part 2.
When I receive water cremains back, I repackage them from the basic plastic bag into a compostable bag. I then double secure the contents from moisture in the air by twisting and reinserting into itself. Then I tie it closed with hemp string and an appropriate adornment. After repackaging, I decorate the vessel with natural foliage and a felt heart before preparing for delivery to @purlyshell @purlyshellpirate Part 3 coming soon. #partingstone #alkalinehydrlysis #lamb #themodernmortician #purlyshellilwaco #petfuneral
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