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Huntswoman - Plus 🌈 Hottie


ADHD🌈 & fashion try hard. Apple shape & plus size model! Join me on Instagram!




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Hello from the @jessakae event!   . created by Huntswoman - Plus 🌈 Hottie with LU KALA's Pretty Girl Era
Replying to @the_huntswoman #GreenScreenTile #greenscreen GIFTED PLUS SIZE CORDUROY PANTS & BLAZER from @ModCloth !!
Okay so ModCloth sent me this plus size corduroy fall suit as a gift (not paid with a check to review - I ALWAYS wanna be clear about my relationship with a brand), and IT IS SO FUN! The trousers/plus size corduroy pants fit my belly and apple shape bod SUPER WELL — except they’re too long on my 5’4” self, which is normal! Ill get them hemmed!
The plus size corduroy blazer suit jacket was WAYYYY too big. I was on the edge of the size chart so I went up, but I shouldve gotten a 3X, maybe even a 2x for the kind of fit I want!
The white mock neck tee has GREAT STRETCH! You can see my bra from the side, but I think with some fussing that could be fixed! Whenever I design or sew tops for myself, I always have to put in a side bust dart bc of this issue, so I may add a dart to this top!
All in all, a super fun plus size outfit for fall - that I’ll take to the tailor before wearing!
(Also the video cut off before I coud show myself sitting, so I’ll be sure to post a picture of myself sitting to my IG! Sorry about that issue! A few folks who use wheelchairs have asked for seated video/pics!! My bad!! I will def post more!!) #plussizefashion #plussizefalloutfit #modclothsquad #plussizemodcloth #thehuntswoman #lgbtblogger #lgbtmodel #plussizemodel #utahblogger
Replying to @whitneyadrian #greenscreen OKAY SO! I love the cut and construction of this dress (love @CoEdition ),

BUUUT it was super hard to zip up and zip down BY MYSELF. You’re gonna want to have an exit buddy for this one, to help you in and out of the dress! To be CLEAR, the dress fits but I was like a little bb T-Rex trying to ZIP IT UP! Wouldve been much easier with a buddy 🤣🤣🤣

I did NOT try this dress on with Spanx (I’m not a Spanx hater, I just think it’s easier for you to get an idea of the fit I don’t wear Spanx!!)

#plussizefashion #plussizeappleshape #plussizedatenightoutfit #lgbtblogger #plussizecocktaildresses #coedition
Replying to @eamonamore hey cutie patooties! I am having such a blast talking to folks in the comments!! Heres a video on body confidence as a plus size && apple shape person! CW for body feelings and being gay growing up in utah! #bodyconfidence #plussizeblogger #appleshapedbody #selflove #lgbtblogger #utahblogger
Replying to @juliewelsh5 #greenscreen Julie asked for a review of the Eva Franco dress in a size 22W! I have done a WHOLE photoshoot in this dress (pics launching soon!), and I love this dress! I don’t think you can buy this dress now, but you can rent it from Nuuly and then purchase it if you want to keep it!

- FABRIC: Thick with stretch! And the lining is stretch!
- STRUCTURE: This short black plus size dress has 4 boning pieces to hold its shape and fashion tape to help hold it up
- Length: This dress hits above my knees and I’m 5’4”!
- Zip closure
Overall I feel very comfy recommending this dress as a great plus size wedding guest dress, plus size fun bachelorette party dress, or other plus size events dress! Love you bye! #appleshapedfashion #plussizeappleshape #plussizefashion #plussizenuuly #thehuntswoman #plussizemodel #lgbtblogger #blackplussizedress #evafranco
#stitch with @heyseantaylor in this video, I’m going to show you how to take your body measurements for clothing as a plus size apple shaped person. #plussizefashion #wardrobetips #plussizeappleshape #lgbtblogger #utahbloggrr
Replying to @velvalee let’s talk about where to buy plus size investment pieces! If you have recs, please sound off in the comments! #plussizefashion #sustainableplusfashion #11honoré #reformationplussize #evafranco #renttherunway #marahoffman
Replying to @etaliano0o alright cutie patooties! I love helping you find new clothing that works, so here’s a review of plus size rompers for plus size Apple shape babes from @City Chic #plussizemodel #appleshapedfashion
Replying to @queenstefaknee Real talk y’all I have literally cried reading the comments from my fellow plus size Apple shaped babes. Instead of posting a video of me crying, here’s a video of me WINNING #plussizefashion #plussizemodel #appleshapebody
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