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R O B Y N S T A N L E Y ⚡️


Girl from Kent 🇬🇧 Everything life DIY 🔨 DIY Boss Collabs:sueki@farq-media.com

#ad Hats off to FloodRe & The Environment Agency for putting this advice out there to protect you and your homes from floods.

This is now affecting 1 in 6 people with the average cost to fix being 32k 😞 it’s sickening isn’t it.

I’ve popped some important and invaluable PDF documents you can all read for FREE on my link Tree in my bio. It includes things like what are flood protection measures & how they can be used around your home.

Please go and have a read. It’s your responsibility to protect your homes this Winter (all seasons actually 💦)

1. Prep deets - this should definitely be a good 85% of the work. If you rush this bit you will never be happy with the finish. I tried both paint stripper & a heat gun & much preferred the heat gun. It was quicker & less messy. Keep the room well ventilated peeps and wear your mask.
For sanding I used a palm sander and a multi tool to get in to the edges both by
@Milwaukee Tool
I used a two part @Ronseal UK & Ireland wood filler to filler and holes & imperfections.

2. Gap filling between the floor boards - I can’t tell you how many people told me that I couldn’t do this. I spent lots of time researching it and spoke to an experienced carpenter who recommended @Bona Gap Master. It’s brilliant stuff, comes in lots of colours and 18 months on there is not a single crack in any of the joins. 100% recommend ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ I bought ours from Wood Finishes Direct
It’s really hard to sand so use masking tape either side to get a good finish 👍🏻

3. Low Level Beading - absolute game changer for elevating a space and making it look more detailed.

4. Primer - The Fresh Start primer by @Benjamin Moore is like no primer I’ve used before. It’s high hiding so will mask many imperfections & it provides superior adhesion to ensure durability & a flawless finish.

5. Seal - Finally I topped the treads off in Stays Clear® Low Lustre also by Benjamin Moore to give it that extra protection. It’s non yellowing, fast drying and has excellent scratch and stain resistance. I only sealed the treads and in 18 months there has not been one chip or scratch. The only area I’ve had to touch is the handrail which wasn’t sealed, just shows how amazing this stuff is.

Any other questions please ask 🤎
Grandmas furniture diaries 👵🏼

Thought I’d start this off with something that makes me laugh so it doesn’t get too deep ❤️……

As I was writing that first piece of txt about losing my Grandma it reminded me of a time when one of my best friends was going on a works night out. One of her colleagues didn’t turn up to the do. In the morning she received a txt from her colleague saying how sorry she was that she didn’t turn up but she lost her Mum that night. My friend genuinely thinking she’d lost her Mum txt her back and said “I hope you found her” 😭😭😭🤦🏼‍♀️

I never planned on taking all/most of my Grandmas furniture. I tried to give some away, I was also let down twice by a charity. In the end I thought I would bring it all home, work on it all and then decide what to do with it. I will 100% be keeping this piece though, I love how it’s turned out 🥰

Now to find a home for her 🤎

Firstly I sanded the main parts then I used No Nonsense paint stripper on the faces. This was messy. My tip would be to get filling knifes (they’re cheap as chips) and scrapped the varnish off like a dream. Then soap and water to wash it all off. Some of the faces were a bit of a funny colour so I used bleach (yes toilet bleach☺️) to bring them up. Finally I added some half dowels to the top section as it was slightly damaged underneath and topped it all of with @osmo_uk Matt top oil x

#furniturerestoration #furnitureupcycle #furnituredesign #diyfurnituremakeover #viral #fyp
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