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The Diabetic Survivor


#T1D level 26 I doodle about #diabetes 🎨 Shop MERCH ⤵️

#everythingisok - 5 years since this artwork was created! 💙🙂✏️

I cannot express how much it means to connect with all the amazing people #pwd I've encountered through this feed in the last 5 years (many now very close friends!), engaging in relevant conversations worldwide. Thank you all.

By the way, I stumbled upon the text that inspired this doodle.

‘How often does frustration come directly from the numbers on our blood glucose meters or sensors? Numbers can be very powerful. Can ruin our day and change our mood in seconds (even if we are alone in a bathroom pricking our fingers), their also a live saver! Even so, sometimes it can feel like numbers are judging us. Like grades, where the number just doesn´t take into account all our efforts. Numbers are static and abstract. So, let's try to remember that it is exactly what they are, just a number! Yes, we need them, they help us control and measure but they are not the whole story! Sometimes it´s good to stop and pause, think about how we relate to these numbers and make sure we´re doing it in a healthy way. Let's keep surfing those sugars 😊’

#diabetescommunity #type1diabetes #diabetestyp1 #dedocvoices #diabetes #t1dlookslikeme #diabadass #diabetesawareness
#insulin4all 😍 thanks Mia for these awesome pics!

Get your hoodie at www.thediabeticsurvivor.com 💙

#diabetestipo1 #diabetes #type1diabetes #typeonediabetic #typeonediabetesawareness
Racing for #insulin4all 💪🏁🏍️

Thanks John Stanley for sharing your story!

In early 2021, at the age of 36, I was suddenly and unexpectedly diagnosed with adult-onset Type I diabetes, sometimes called LADA (Latent Autoimmune Diabetes in Adults). With the help of an excellent clinical care team and reliable access to insulin therapy, I quickly and dramatically improved the state of my physical health. However, the prospect of being dependent on modern medicine for survival and the daily toil of managing T1 diabetes was emotionally and mentally taxing and led to a lot of personal reflection. Out of this ordeal, I found a renewed interest in a neglected passion of mine: motorcycle racing.With my return to motorcycle racing, I wanted to attempt to use my racing as a platform to advance the cause of insulin access globally and raise awareness for the early screening and diagnosis of Type I diabetes. I have been very fortunate to have reliable access to insulin and high quality clinical care personally, but hundreds of millions of people globally are far less fortunate. According to T1International, “Around the world today, people with type 1 diabetes are dying because they lack insulin, supplies, education, and treatment. It’s a scandal that disproportionately affects the world’s most vulnerable, who struggle to access this life saving medication. The numbers are daunting, globally 100 million people need insulin, yet half can’t reliably access it because its unavailable, unaffordable, or both.”Please consider donating to my campaign; 100% of your donations go directly to T1International, a global charity for access to insulin and quality care for T1 diabetes. Every dollar counts and no donation is too small. Also please #SeeTheSigns of Type 1 diabetes: Frequent urination, excessive thirst, exhaustion, and unexplained or unintended weight loss. Undiagnosed type 1 diabetes is life-threatening. Early diagnosis of type 1 diabetes saves lives.

#diabetescommunity #insulin4all #t1dlookslikeme #diabadass #thediabeticsurvivor
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