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The Combat Lab


Online Performance Coaching 📈 S&C 🏋‍♂️ Nutrition 🍴 Mindset 🧠 thecombatlab.ie

Dynamic Warm-Up with Team @SBG Tullamore 👊

A Warm-Up A.K.A RAMP-Up has 4 main goals in order to prepare for the session ahead, mitigate the risk of injury & maximise athletic potential 📈

R = Raise, A = Activate, M = Mobilise, P = Potentiate 🧠

•Raise the temperature of bodily tissues to improve muscle pliability, nervous system responsiveness & circulatory / cooling system mechanics ✅️

•Activate the musculature to prime the body for movement ✅️

•Mobilise the joints to improve movement efficiency & joint range of motion ✅️

•Potentiate the nervous system to produce maximal & repeatable force ✅️

This generalised warm-up is followed up with sports specific drills 🥊

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30 Minute 6-12-25 Workout ⏳️

6-12-25 is a great time saving method for building endurance & work capacity, along with promoting hypertrophy as segment stimulates a different mechanism for muscle growth - Mechanical Tension (most important), Muscle Damage & Metabolic Stress 💪

Pick a muscle group or movement pattern, then use 3 Exercises together (Tri-Set) 3️⃣

•First Exercise - Mechanical Tension
6 Reps with a Heavier Load

•Second Exercise - Muscle Damage
12 Reps with a Moderate Load

•Third Exercise - Metabolic Stress
25 Reps with a Light Load

Do 3 - 5 Rounds
Take no rest between exercises 🙅‍♂️
3 - 5 mins Rest between Rounds 👌
Today I used the Horizontal Push Pattern (or Chest / Triceps from a Bodybuilding viewpoint)

6 - Bench Press
12 - Decline Neutral Grip Bench Press
25 - Band Overhead Triceps Extension

4 Rounds - 3 Mins Rest
The whole thing took just under 30minutes including a dynamic warm-up & some warm-up sets for bench press.

Its important to be smart with load selection so that you arent failing anything. While my first round felt on the easier side, by rounds 3 & 4 the same loads were very challenging. I like to start with 2-3 Reps in Reserve and go from there. You can always change load inbetween sets if needed. 🏋‍♂️

I like using these in the off-season with some athletes to help build their strength endurance (as they create lots of fatigue so arent ideal for the in-season). With general population clients they can be used almost anytime (but not for too many weeks in a row) and are also a great option if youre on holidays / on the go and tight for time but still want to get something done. ⏩️

Keep in mind if your goal is hypertrophy, it depends hugely on your caloric intake / recovery, and its hard to beat classic progressive overload on exercises creating high amounts of mechanical tension, as this is the greatest contributor to muscle growth compared to muscle damage / metabolic stress.

Other examples for Push:

6 - Barbell Overhead Press
12 - DB Incline Press
25 - Band Tricep Pushdown

6 - Loaded Dip
12 - Loaded Push Up
25 - Band Overhead Press

Give me a follow for more training, nutrition & performance optimisation tips 📈
#TheCombatLab #Combathlete #Bench #Hypertrophy
Back at it with @Ronan Deegan 🏋‍♂️

Phase 1 Day 1 1️⃣
7 Months Post Neck Injury

Watch this space 👀

Shout out to Tommy Conway at OneHealth for all the help with Ronans rehabilitation over the past few months 🙏 you've left us in a great position to hit the ground running 🏃‍♂️💨

Now we work 📈

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Combathlete Program 🥊
Phase 3 | Option 1 | Day 2 (Modified)

Interested in Training Programs like what you see here? There are 20+ Strength & Conditioning Plans included with The Combat Lab Academy, our online monthly subscription service, including lots of options for both Combat Sports Athletes and the everyday athlete. 💪

Every program comes with a built in training diary, progressive programming, results charting and exercise video instructionals 📈

Along with the main programs, there is also:

🧘‍♂️ Warm-Up & Cool-Down Library, plug and play into any of your daily activities to improve your mobility & prime yourself for performance.

🏋‍♂️ Workout Library | Single Workouts that can be performed anywhere, anytime. Great for when on the go and limited with equipment. There are tons of options including: Bodyweight Only, Dumbbell Only, Core & more 🏋‍♂️

🎥 Exercise Video Library | 750+ Videos allowing you to build your own workouts and swap out exercises in your programs depending on what equipment you have available 🤸‍♀️

🔥 Finishers Library - Short 10 minute workouts that can be performed on their own or plugged into the end of any program 🏁

🍽 The Combat Lab Academy membership also includes an extensive Nutrition System with a ton of great features.

Hit up the link in bio to learn more & get started 🔗
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Combathlete 🤼‍♂️
Phase 3 Option 1 Day 1

@Shane Smith Getting back into the swing of things 💪

Weight is down to 86kgs from 92 a little while back. Still a few more to chop off but we're getting there. Marginal gains 📈

Interested in S&C Programs like what you see here? I've got 20+ of them inside The Combat Lab App. My new periodised program for Combat Sports Athletes "Combathlete" just went live yesterday along with lots of other options too for the everyday athlete. Hit up the link in my bio to learn more 🔗

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