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Amy Wall | The Skintessa


Beautiful skin is only the beginning ✨


Why I quit Botox

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Beauty Philosophy

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#greenscreen #beautyenergy #breathwithme

The key is to do this long enough that you can really start feeling your energies, pushing down into the earth and bringing back up that earth energy into the bottom of your spine. Passing it back up over your head and gathering up some beautiful, ascension energy. Continue to weave these in and out of your body and synchronize the the in breaths up and the out breaths down.
#duet with @Ellee Duke #toxicbeautystandards

When I say, I cried when I watched this video

I am sofa king proud to have left behind the term anti-aging over a decade ago.

I've made it my life's work to embody a different way of doing, being snd practicibg beauty.

Its why i dont lead with serums, even though i make the kind that can actually feed your skin.

What can you do to be a part of the change?

1️⃣ Let the companies that use the term anti-aging know in their social media comments that you won't be shopping with them as long as they use the term.

2️⃣ Ask yourself what you're really trying to achieve when you purchase products or procedures. If its a feeling, pause before continuing.

3️⃣ Consider learning a different way with me. I dont just talk about why this is bad. Ive gone out done sonething about it. ##higherselfbeauty

DM me on Instagram if you have additional thoughts and remember to send me your moms. 🫂

##beautystandards ##beautyenergy
Replying to @Ney

Im an energetic beauty mentor, helping women who are asleep to their magic wake up to the magic that lives in their self and cells
Replying to @Natori Namono

The first thing you do is identify some thing that feels off like the original video said.

then ask the question, who does this belong to?

If it's heavy, it does not belong to you, and you can just say return to sender with Consciousness attached.
Add The Clearing Statement, to the end, to make it even more powerful. you can Google access, consciousness, clearing statement to find out more about that.🪄
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