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The Adventures of Scraps


The Adventures of Scraps/Children’s Book/ Teaching important values in a fun way

The Adventures of Scraps #adventure #kidsbooks #scraps #storytelling #TheAdventuresOfScraps
Bringing Worlds to Life!

It’s pretty cool seeing something go from idea, to concept, to actualisation on a screen in-front of you.

This Timelapse is the development of the initial stages of our website for The Adventures of Scraps and original music for the brand.

This is cool because for the first time we see life weaved into the characters through animation. A pretty exciting moment if you ask me.

About 6 years ago I had an idea to create a Children’s book based around a character that dropped into my head almost a decade ago now, and never left.

It was obvious I could not ignore this 😂

So I got to work. “what does this actually look like?” I asked myself.

After scribbling and jotting down ideas I landed on…

A cat, named Scraps. Who goes on wild adventures, in many forms. But for this specific adventure, is to get back what was stolen from his owners and from his home.

Scraps has a strong sense of justice and cares deeply for his close friends and loved ones around him.

Scraps is faced with challenges and tasks he must overcome. Along the way he realises the potential he has inside and what he is truly capable of.

I thought what a great way to show/teach kids that they too have that same potential in them.

To have the courage to pursue their dreams and know that they have every thing in them to succeed.

They need only to trust and take action. I believe the early that takes place in life the better.

If Scraps can be that initial spark of motivation for things to unfold then his purpose has already been fulfilled.

Stay tuned for the release of the book, our website and many more epic adventures to come!
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