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A grocery vlog no one asked for  created by Schannon Tilechick with 's vlog, chill out, calm daily life(1370843)
Myths you didn’t know where Myths until Today (about your shower*)

If you’ve been following me for a while, you most likely heard my story…

My husband, Chris and I started a General Contracting business and almost failed multiple times struggling to find quality contractors to work on our tile/bathroom related projects.

We ran into problem after problem and lost a ton of $$$. Not to mention kept having clients call us about previously failed showers or contractors who skipped out on them in the middle of a bathroom remodel.

This left us wondering, “what is going on in the tile world?” “Why does it seem there are problems everywhere we turn?” We decided to start digging and learning more and more about tile and building showers.

We learned countless hours’ worth of lessons. So let us save you precious time, money, and energy with this PSA..

Here is my consolidated list of DO NOT WASTE YOUR HOURS ON list if you are remodeling a bathroom and looking to build a new shower.

🚫You need to use cement only (it’s the cheap way)
🚫You need to use a vinyl liner (its old and outdated)
🚫You must use cement products (silica ew) to build your shower
🚫Foam products are flimsy and won’t hold up (they build highways out of it)
🚫The new products are too expensive (it costs less than redoing your shower twice or health hazards of having it done wrong)
🚫You can’t DIY a shower

This is straight up trash advice, not to mention outdated thinking.

Red flags should be flying high if these words have been told to you. This tells me, they haven’t learned a single thing in 20 years. Why would you listen to advice from someone who doesn’t invest in their education and learn about new, safer, healthier, and longer lasting products?

The truth of the matter is, there are many ways to build a shower. BUT, not everyone who builds a shower knows how to do it properly and to industry standards.

That’s why we launched ONLINE TILE

A place for everyone to learn not just one way but the right way.

Now enrolling students 🎓 link in bio
PSA: What you focus on, GROWS. #Ad
As a woman in an industry dominated by men, I used to focus on negativity. I used to let it GROW inside my thoughts.
Let’s flip the switch: negativity from others, self-doubt, and fear are all human nature.
Most of us are just afraid to admit we feel those things.
Wanna know what’s cool? Having fear, doubt, and people looking down on you and doing it anyway.
Be a little more YOU today. Shift your perspective and focus on your INTENTION and less on others doubt.
If you could do one thing you always wanted to do but felt you couldn’t because of one reason or another, what would it be?
Let me know below ⬇️
#ImAWomanAnd #EmbraceEquity #Deloitte
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