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That Final Scene Podcast


Ever Googled "ending explained" after seeing a film? My podcast has the answer👇

We go hard on this line on the latest THAT FINAL SCENE podcast along with more fun facts and trivia around The Social Network (spoiler: more than half of the film is just fiction). Listen to the ep at the link in bio or find it wherever you're listening your podcasts 🎙️ #movietok #filmtok #davidfincher #thesocialnetwork #facebook #markzuckerberg #jesseeisenberg #andrewgarfield #movieline #moviequote #moviescene #movie #oscars #viralclip #comeback #sarcastic #quote #filmmakersoftiktok #cinema #moviefan #podcast #moviepodcast #quote  created by That Final Scene Podcast with Britney Spears’s Oops!...I Did It Again
You don't want to miss #3 ! More exclusive reviews fresh off London Film Festival 👇🎟️

• Killers of the Flower Moon: The film Martin Scorsese was always meant to make, introducing us to a new era of his: one that is not just impeccable in storytelling but also in the responsibility that it bears. Deniro, DiCaprio and Gladstone are otherworldly.

• Maestro: Some of your favourite critics won't like it as it lacks a certain type of //tension// but it moved me. We need more actors-turned-directors like Bradley Cooper (not George Clooney) as they capture actors like no other. My only note is that the film should have been called "Maestro's Wife" because Carey Mulligan's Felicia Montealegre is the star of the show. 

• Poor Things: Sensational. Picking up from Dogtooth, Lanthimos continues to provoke our thinking in the "nature vs nurture" debate in a simultaneously comical and cruel fashion. Confidently optimistic in our species' potential for self-improvement, this is the auteur at his best. Stone electrifies, Ruffalo reminds us how great he is.

• All of Us Strangers: The saddest film I've seen all year. Andrew Scott is superb, Paul Mescal is mesmerising, Jamie Bell and Claire Foy are heartbreaking. A rare film that deals with grief with the intention to break you so it can heal you, not to break you further. 

• The Book of Clarence: A highly amusing follow-up to The Harder They Fall, Jeymes Samuel establishes himself as a good-time visionary. LaKeith Stanfield is wonderful and Benedict Cumberbatch's cameo will steal your heart. Slightly tonally off in places but not at all devoid of provocative religious critique. 

• The Zone of Interest: Jonathan Glazer succeeds in showing us the horrors of the Holocaust through the use of uncomfortable comparison - double clicking into the normalcy of a German family living next to an Auschwitz concentration camp. Albeit an harrowingly extraordinary picture, in Paul Schrader's words, it is more of a "parlory trick than an exploration". 

• Don't Expect Too Much from the End of the World: As long as you go into this knowing that Radu Jude operates on a different level of filmmaking that obeys conventional methods, you're in for a ride. Not an easy film with its 225 minute runtime, but you'll find yourself privileged in witnessing a new (and utterly absurd) language of film. And yes, capitalism sucks. 

• Memory: Going into this Michel Franco film I expected to get another take on nihilism (see New Order, Sundown) but I left feeling hopeful. Which feels like a timid achievement when you're dealing with themes of sexual assault or dementia. At its core, this is a love story between Chastain's and Saarsgard's characters that is so pure you don't want to touch it in fear of breaking it.

• Mollie and Max in the Future: "Sci-fi rom-com" doesn't do this film justice. I don't care if it tries to tackle too many things at once (gaslighting? capitalism? attachment styles? cancel culture? climate crisis?), it was way too much fun. Clever, adorable, neo noir, self aware, prescient, hysterically allegorical. Can't wait to rewatch.

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Which one are you excited to see? My one-liner #LFF reviews 👇
• Hit Man: Glen Powell and Richard Linklater is the dream duo I never KNEW I needed in my life. Funny, sexy, effortless action comedy; Best Netflix buy in a while.

• Priscilla: Works better as a vignette of Priscilla's memories than a biopic. Visual storytelling at its finest from Coppola but the film only makes sense if you know the story - which..most of us do.

• The Killer: One of my biggest anticipations yet disappointments from the festival. This may speak to the one-man show podcast self-help gurus but if I'm going to go all in on the nihilist assassin niche, it better be as good as Dexter. The Killer looks bloody great but it's not that great.

• The Bikeriders: It'll scratch your Sons of Anarchy itch REAL good. This is my type of film, and Jodie Comer is the best living actress right now - there I said it. Bonus points for not glamorising the biker life. Confirming Tom Hardy's accent, once again, made no sense, but I ATE IT UP.

• Kidnapped (Rapito): It may come across as a "creepy Pope oh oh" film but it goes deeper than that. First reason is - it's an actual story of how the Catholic church kidnapped a child from its Jewish family. Second reason is...the filmmaking is grandiosely spectacular. I came out of this film feeling like I came out of an opera play.

• Eileen: Awry, chilling, disturbing, unexpected, dreamy-like, fatal. 60s that smells like horror-y 80s. Thomasin McKenzie delivers one of the richest performances I've seen all year with veteran Anne Hathaway delivering the goods by her side.

• Monster: Hirokazu Kore-eda - we're so BACK, baby. The best filmmaking I've seen in the past couple of years. No one humanises impossible circumstances like Kore-eda does and with Monster, he does it through masterful unlayering of multiple perspectives to get to the bottom of the hard-hitting truth.

• The Royal Hotel: Very fast paced, very modern. It'll show you a slice of life in the Australian desert life that you may not want to get involved with but our heroines make do. Julia Garner continues to be a gem. However, not sure if I'll remember this film in a couple of months.

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