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Terra Health Coaching


Our goal is to reduce the use of medication while sustaining weightloss 🌱



CLIENT WIN 🥳 This is what makes it ALL worth it! A physician in our network refers another physician friend to Terra - watch what happens next. From his expectations of receiving a diet plan, to opening up with his coach (Coach Lara Ann Valerio, MS, RDN, LDN) about movement, sleep and mental health, to getting his TEENAGE daughter on board, to him signing up to pursue his own health coaching certification to developing some programs in partnership with Terra. Now that's a health journey that took on a life of its own.....exactly what we hope to achieve with all of our patients! Our patients all have an exciting future inside of them, we just help them find it. #HealthCoaching #LifestyleMedicine #Testimonial #mentalhealth created by Terra Health Coaching with Terra Health Coaching's original sound
Do employers have a plan for GLP-1 medications for weight loss?
They need to.
#DPC #employerbenefits #LifestyleMedicine #HealthCare

Not only does the decision impact employees lives, but it can drastically impact healthcare costs as well.
So, if these medications are a topic for your 2024 plan construction or renewal - let’s do it the right way.
Let's talk about a combo therapy plan with Terra Health.

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