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#stitch @TED Talks Will we be using deepfake technology in everyday life? Here’s what AI developer, Tom Graham had to say. #AITech #Stem #TED2023 #Deepfake #TEDtalk #DeepTomCruise #metaphysic #aiart
#Stitch @Metaphysic.ai What are your thoughts on deepfakes? We connected with Metaphysic CEO, Tom Graham at #TED2023 , to learn more about the unique art of photorealistic AI avatars and what it means for the future of the internet. For more on AI from Tom Graham, watch the full interview from this year’s TED Conference, 🔗 in ☣️. #AI #AITech #Deepfakes #DeepTomCruise #TEDTalk #Hyperreal
Author John Green (@John Green ) makes a convincing case for cultivating online learning communities. In his talk, he explores how the internet is the perfect place to continue learning for people of all ages. To watch his full talk, click the 🔗 in our ☣️! #JohnGreen #education #LearningCommunities #TEDTalk #booktok
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