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Paul Tebo, Canadian singer, songwriter, entrepreneur

Dive into the ethereal realm of music creation with me in this highlight excerpt from the Tebovision weekly vlog.

In this brief venture, I open the gates to the ghostly essence of 'By the Brook' as I lay down some captivating acoustic guitar parts with my trusty Yamaha.

But the discussion doesn't stop at strings. I share some candid thoughts on the pace of releasing original songs; how a monthly rhythm feels just about right to keep the passion and quality intact.

The voyage continues as I tame the sonic waves using some nifty VST plugin tricks, leading to a richer, more enchanting mix. Then I prepare to give the bass some stereo imaging in Ableton to further carve the auditory spectacle.

This snippet is a passage from the larger narrative shared in the full episode of the Tebovision vlog, now available for your viewing pleasure.

(See the full vlog on my YouTube channel - link in bio)

Your perspective on the delicate balance of frequency in releasing new music, and the unseen layers of instrumentation, is something I'm keen to hear. Engage in the conversation, and let the shared love for music bring us together in a realm where every note tells a tale.

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