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Dr. Joyce Dermatologist


Stanford NYU / Dermatologist 👩🏻‍⚕️ Skincare Tips & Mythbusting Click ⬇️



Replying to @beccamcgraw7 in case everyone was wondering…his name was not even Mike. Clubs are loud. For context ➡️ @teawithmd #dermbypark #greysanatomy
Lots of #sunscreen #spf myths out there so let’s debunk some. Makeup with spf never replaces sunscreen because youre simply not using enough product to get that full SPF benefits. Glass blocks UVB, but not UVA, so you’re still getting exposure to the same radiation from the sun that causes sun induced photo aging and increased risk of skin cancer. Oral sun protection exist in the form of a fern, called polypodium leucotomos, but it doesn’t replace sunscreen. Last, but not least, a baseball cap 🧢 leaves the sides of your face unprotected. A large brimmed hat 👒 is a much better choice. #dermbypark ##dermatologylesson
Let’s bust some #retinoid #retinol myths. Retinoids actually thicken your skin. Sensitive skin can find and use a form of retinoid or retinol that is gentle and less irritating. Find an eye product with retinol that has specifically been tested for usage around the eyes #dermbypark #mythbusting #dermtok #dermatologylesson
Vitamin C functions as an antioxidant to decrease oxidative damage your skin gets from UV during the day, #slugging over actives like #retinoid will give you irritation since it makes it more potent, and pores are NOT DOORS, they do not open and close 🚪. Any more myths you want to hear about? #dermbypark #vitaminc #retinol #pores #blackheads
How many #dermatologists do you recognize 😁 @aadskin was fun, educational, productive, and filled my cup to connect with colleagues and trainees from around the world #dermbypark #conference #skin
We did both go to @stanfordmed for medical school after all. She wishes she chose #dermatology instead of #surgery though…who remembers the scene where they walk by the derm residents who are so well rested 😁😁😁 #dermbypark #greysanatomy #cristinayang
#fungalacne actually CAN be treated by Nizoral shampoo or Head and Shoulders. But it only works if you actually have fungal #acne ! Otherwise treating hormonal or cystic inflammatory acne with antifungal medicine is NOT going to work…#dermbypark
Beat dry skin year round with #LikeButterMoisturizer from @TOPICALS ! #ad It's a great moisturizer for all skin types but especially dry itchy eczema-prone skin. The 1% colloidal oatmeal in it instantly soothes the skin. Find in it in my bio and use the code “TEAWITHMD” to get $$ off your first order. #TopicalsPartner
#duet with @cavefaceq the most massive ingrown hair cyst ever 😳 the only way to get rid of this is extraction or if it keeps coming back - surgery (punch excision!) #dermbypark
#sulfatefree vs #sulfateshampoo : choose whatever you like better but know that water 💧 UV rays☀️ and heat 🥵 all contribute way more to hair damage #dermbypark #haircare #hair #shampoo #conditioner #hairtok #hairtutorial
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