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Dr. Joyce Dermatologist


Stanford NYU / Dermatologist 👩🏻‍⚕️ Skincare Tips & Mythbusting Click ⬇️


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#stitch with @Stephen ❗️ #hyperhidrosis or excessive #sweating is a medical condition that we dermatologists treat quite often!

As with all conditions we have an algorithm that we follow, starting from least invasive with side effects to escalation of therapy.
Did you know there are so many different treatments for sweating, ranging from topicals to orals to even procedures like Botox? I also did not mention, but a last case resort is a sympathectomy, a surgery where they remove part of the sympathetic nerve chain, a way more invasive, but also permanent result
#d#dermbypark s#sweat a#antiperspirant d#deodorant n#naturaldeodorant b#botox
We have all heard of #Botox for treating wrinkles, but what about using Botox to prevent the development of wrinkles? Sharing my own cosmetic journey here ➡️
@Dr. Joyce Dermatologist


The concept of using Botox for wrinkle prevention is explained in the video.

The idea is that if you cannot make that expression as deeply repetitively over time, then that wrinkle line will not form as deeply. Makes sense right?

I feel mixed about this because I do see plenty of young people opting to get Botox in the spirit of prevention when they do not even have any static lines to begin with!

It can be costly to maintain this over time 💸

It is a personal decision when you want to start getting Botox, and a dermatologist can help you evaluate whether or not you would be a good candidate!

Generally, I recommend starting Botox when you are starting to develop static wrinkles, which are lines that stay etched on your face, even when you’re not moving that particular muscle group

#dermbypark #cosmeticprocedures #cosmetics #skincare #neurotoxin #filler #laser
Replying to @chemjenna #lasers #botox and burning off a few seborrheic keratoses with electrodesiccation! What have you gotten done? #dermbypark #cosmeticdermatology
Replying to @Kat Smit145 You might be pretty surprised to hear that BLOW DRYING hair may be SAFER than AIR DRYING hair?! 😮

Turns out BOTH heat and water can damage hair. Heat damages the outside of the hair, water damages the inside (cell membrane complex) - see photos from this study coming out of South Korea.

Watch the video for the SAFEST way to dry your hair!

It’s all about balancing damage from heat and water.

Citation: Lee Y, Kim YD, Hyun HJ, Pi LQ, Jin X, Lee WS. Hair shaft damage from heat and drying time of hair dryer. Ann Dermatol. 2011 Nov;23(4):455-62. doi: 10.5021/ad.2011.23.4.455. Epub 2011 Nov 3. PMID: 22148012; PMCID: PMC3229938.

#dermbypark #hair #hairstyle #hairtok #hairtutorial #hairstyles #blowdry
#stitch with @Soph Galustian I can’t even with these filters 💀 but seriously bald heads need good #skincare too because I’ve definitely seen a lot of sun damage and #skincancer on bald scalps! Wear your sunscreen or use a hat, and don’t forget to see a derm to check for precancers (actinic keratoses) and skin cancers on your scalp #scalpskin #dermbypark #spf
Build the ultimate luxurious yet effective anti dandruff haircare routine with the @Kérastase Symbiose collection. Each product contains ⭐️ ingredients and when used in combination fight dandruff in every single way! #scalpfacial #kerastasepartner #dandruff #dandrufftreatment
Let’s talk about #shavingtips and how to prep your skin for shaving 🪒

Did you know there are actually correct ways to shave, to cut down on risk of ingrown hairs, cuts, and bleeding?

1️⃣ Wet your skin and hair before shaving in preparation. It’s also great to wash and exfoliate your skin beforehand, so you’re dead skin cells don’t clog up your razor.

2️⃣ absolutely use a shaving cream or gel; do not shave on bare skin, as that will irritate and chafe the skin

3️⃣ shave in the direction of hair growth to prevent ingrown hairs

4️⃣ make sure to wash your razor blade in between each stroke, so that the razor is not clogged with hair and skin cells

5️⃣ do not store your razor in your shower, or anywhere else where it can get wet and become a breeding ground for bacteria 🦠

I will admit, I do not follow all of the steps even though I know this is the proper way to shave.

That last tip in there about shaving not making your hair, grow back, darker or thicker is busting a common misconception that I see floating around on social media.

Do you practice these tips? 🪒

#dermbypark #shavingbrush #shavingcream #razor #shavingsoap
How to treat #keratosispilaris :

The mainstay of treatment for KP includes keratolytics to break up the retained keratin plug and exfoliants.
@Dr. Joyce Dermatologist

My favorite ingredients for KP include:

⭐️lactic acid
⭐️glycolic acid
⭐️salicylic acid

These can be found in moisturizers, lotions, creams, scrubs, body washes, toners, and peel pads.

Sharing a few product picks I share with my patients here!

@Skinfix @amlactinofficial @CeraVe @Eucerin US

Want a full keratosis Pilaris breakdown and a body and face #skincareroutine?

Check out the longer form video on YT!

#dermbypark #strawberryskin #chickenskin #keratosispilaristreatment
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