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#GRWM bc my roommate is not here and my nerves are 📈📈📈

To clairify: usually when I have presentations, I have at least one other teammate with me as back up even if I'm taking the lead, I just don't have that crutch today.
#consulting #communication #wfh #popculture #podcast #talkshow #news #current #careertips #mentor #nyc #worklife
#Ad Have a good time, but more importantly a safe time. Here are some easy ways you can be a #HarmReductionHero and help save lives!
#nysoasas has a ton of information available if you, or anyone you know, want to know more on how you can play your part in helping the opioid crisis. #HarmReductionCanSave
Replying to @eff :)

4 Golden Rules of flashcards🔑

1. Write as little as possible on both sides of your flashcards. The goal is to get better and faster at recognizing triggers, not memorizing a bunch of information at once

2. Keep it clean - colors have a time and a place, and it’s not here. Extra colors and symbols can trick you into memorizing your information because of that signal instead of the content

3. Drill mistakes - concepts or connections you frequently miss are a great opportunity to fix via flashcards. Think of them as little reminders to yourself

4. They are yours and yours alone - These are YOUR study aids. It doesn’t matter if it is something you “should already know” or if you think it’s too insignificant. The only thing that matters is that they work for you and are customized to what your needs are

You got this, I believe in y’all ❤️

#student #backtoschool #college #ACT #SAT #GRE #LSAT
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