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Tawnya - Money Life Coach 🫶🏽


Debt free goals. Money mindset. Budgeting. Financial freedom is possible🙌🏼👇🏼



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Life is yours for the taking. 🫶🏽
#moneymindset #moneyhelp #moneygoals #financialfreedom
@Tawnya - Money Life Coach 🫶🏽
@Tawnya - Money Life Coach 🫶🏽
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@Tawnya - Money Life Coach 🫶🏽
@Tawnya - Money Life Coach 🫶🏽
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@Tawnya - Money Life Coach 🫶🏽
@Tawnya - Money Life Coach 🫶🏽
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@Tawnya - Money Life Coach 🫶🏽
@Tawnya - Money Life Coach 🫶🏽
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@Tawnya - Money Life Coach 🫶🏽
@Tawnya - Money Life Coach 🫶🏽
If you want to become debt free or be able to save and invest more, but are still eating out constantly and not willing to sacrifice just a little bit, it’s going to take you A LOT longer to reach your goals.

Eating at home is less expensive, period.

I’ve done all the math and ran the numbers, and unless you’re eating off the $1 menus from all the fast food joints (which is ick anyway), meal planning, grocery shopping, and eating at home hands down saves you way more money.

I recently spent over $300 on groceries that will last me 2+ weeks, and while that stings a little in the checkout line, you can’t even go out to eat now without it costing over $40 with a tip…breaking my daily budget down to about $20-$25 a day on food…WITH a few nights out a week.

While I enjoy going out and having a nice meal, having a budget and plan monthly, and committing to sticking to that number is going to set you up for long term success.

Ideally you should be spending no more than 15% of your take home pay on food each month, and less than that is better especially if you have debt free goals.

My fave meal planning app is Mealime, but there are plenty of others to try and food planning services that will help you be able to cut back on spending in this category too.

Don’t go (or stay) broke because you’re too lazy to grocery shop every week, cook, and eat leftovers.

If you want to pay off debt faster and be able to save and invest, saving money in the food category will help get you there.

I’m NOT saying to eat less, I’m saying having a plan and budget for your food WILL save you money and help you to be more intentional.

You’ve got this!
Your Money Coach,

#budgetingtiktok #budgeting #mealplanning #mealprepping #savingmoney #savemoney #howtosavemoney #moneymindset #moneymindsetshift
@Tawnya - Money Life Coach 🫶🏽
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