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Tan Lay


100 days of philosophy (each) from some successful humans of the past era. ☀️

Tiktok is asking me to write more than 4000 characters. But there is no character count. So i will just type for as long as i can. I was in #singapore and realized I haven’t been keeping up with my 100 videos. I celebrated after getting to the half way point. I’m already eager to start the second series of 100 videos (i have chosen my person) so now it feels like it’s going to be a grind to do these next 44 videos. But luckily in Andrew Carnegie i chose someone with a lot of inspiring words to quote from. Including this one: if we truly care for others … everything will be fine 💛😊 (I don’t think that was 4000 characters but I’m sure Tiktok is happy that i wrote something) #carnegie #philosophy #loveandcare #optimism
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