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Dr Aziza Sesay


NHS GP 👩🏾‍⚕️ Health promotion, tips & empowerment IG: @talkswithdrsesay

It all start with the basics and because so many of us were not even taught this, it adds to a lot of the problems we face. Still really psyched this was covered by @BBC News Wales earlier this week.  Well done news reporter Jenny Rees for putting this together.  If you want to learn more about women’s and gynae health in a day that’s promised to be fun, enlightening and informative then join us @theeverywomanfestival on the 24th of June.  #gynaeanatomy #anatomy #womenshealth #gynaehealth #healthawareness #healtheducation created by Dr Aziza Sesay with Dr Aziza Sesay’s original sound
It’s Black History month in the UK and Breast cancer awareness month so I am resharing this video highlighting some staggering facts about breast cancer in Black women.
Sadly, this is a reality and there still is not enough understanding about why this is the case. There is still a lot of research needed. Some suggested factors include:
· Socioeconomic factors;
· Poor access and health awareness;
· Lifestyle factors;
· Genetics;
· Racial bias and systemic racism;
· Delays in diagnosis and treatment;
· Standard of care Black patient receive;
· Environmental factors;
· Chronic stress;
· Chemical products marketed to Black women including hair relaxers.
There is a call to lower the breast screening age for Black women to tackle the racial disparities.
For now, my plea to you is this:

· Do regular breast/chest/peck examination at least once a month – know your normal;
· Seek help ASAP if you notice any new change;
· Advocate for yourself, insist on assessments and seek a second opinion if you feel you are not being listened to;
· Attend your screening appointments;
· Lead a healthy lifestyle – stop smoking, minimal alcohol, maintain a healthy weight, exercise etc and find out about your own individual risk
·  Donate towards breast cancer charities;
·  And finally, share this knowledge with your loved ones and continue to raise awareness, it could actually save someone’s life.

#blackhistorymonth #blackhistorymonthuk #blackwomen #blackwomenrisinguk #blackwomenrising #breastcancerawareness #breastcancerawarenessmonth #breastcancer #racialdisparities #healthawareness #breastaware #healtheducation #knowyournormal
Periods are NOT supposed to be so painful that you miss school, have to take time off work or are unable to do your routine day to day activities.

Periods are NOT meant to be so heavy that you need to change your pads or tampons every hour for consecutive hours, double up on pads, soak through your clothes, have massive clots and need to wake up in the night to change your menstrual protection.

Periods are not supposed to make you feel so fatigued, tired or short of breath.

Periods and hormonal changes during the menstrual cycle are NOT supposed to make you feel so depressed that you no longer want to be in this world.

Periods are NOT supposed to stop you from living your life.

So no, it’s not “just a period”. If this has ever been said to you - I’m sorry. It’s not right. Please always seek support from your doctor and if you aren’t getting the help you need then please seek a second opinion or a third or a fourth). Just please don’t give up. There is help out there. Please, don’t suffer in silence. It is not the plight you face just because you menstruate!
I am excited to be supporting @wellbeingofwomen on their brilliant “Just a period” campaign which will develop period resources to empower women and girls with the information they need to learn about their bodies, when and how to seek help, and advocate for themselves. So that no-one ever has to feel – or be told - it’s “just a period”.

Sign up to find out more about this campaign through the link in @wellbeingofwomen bio https://www.wellbeingofwomen.org.uk/what-we-do/campaigns/just-a-period/ and get involved.

Its about time the phrase became obsolete!

#justaperiod #periodmyth #fibroids #heavybleeding #pcos
Endometriosis is quite common. It is said to affect 1 in 10 women and people with gynaecological organs. In the UK, a similar proportion are affected by endometriosis as diabetes! Yet, on average it takes about 8 years to diagnose! More awareness needs to be raised and much more research is necessary. We still don’t have a clear understanding as to why it occurs, though there are some theories.
Endometriosis is where endometrial like tissue is present in places outside of the uterus/womb. It can spread onto the ovaries, fallopian tube, bowels and even as far as the lungs!
It can cause a variety of symptoms including severe period pains (back/ tummy), painful intercourse, pain on urinating or opening bowels during your period, heavy bleeding during periods, fertility problems and so on.
The symptoms of endometriosis vary between individuals. However, it’s so important to note that they can be severe enough to have a profound impact on an individual’s life. The symptoms can be very debilitating and limiting but for some, it may not cause any symptoms at all.

Endometriosis can be difficult to diagnose because the symptoms can vary considerably. Also, there are many other conditions which cause similar symptoms eg. IBS, fibroids etc. If you are struggling with symptoms, please speak with your Doctor to have more assessments to ascertain the cause. If you feel you are not getting the support you need, you can seek a second opinion.
Periods are not supposed to be painful and debilitating. Please don’t suffer in silence. There are treatment options out there and I will go into this further in a future reel.
Please share this with family and friends. Let’s get the word out, raise much needed awareness. Change the narrative 🙌🏾🙌🏾

#periodpain #endometriosis #endowarrior #chronicpain #chronicillness #endometriosisawareness #changethenarrative #womenshealth #healthawareness #healtheducational
It’s my favourite time of year! It’s #cervicalscreeningawarenessweek so get ready for a lot of awareness on cervical screening, cancer and HPV. 🙌🏾

Did you know that cervical cancer could one day be completely eradicated? One way we can help to do this is through cervical screening/pap smears/smear tests. It helps to prevent cancer by catching cell changes early and stopping them from developing into cancer.

I know it’s not easy for everyone to attend. There are many barriers that need to be addressed and it’s not exactly the most pleasant of procedures but there are options. Please, check out my next post with @NHS UK

Please, don’t underestimate the POWER of cervical screening. It literally saves lives. Even during a @Beyoncé concert, health awareness is on my mind. Please, book your appointment if you’re due. More info to come. ♥️

Comment a ♥️ below if you’re up to date or about to book your appointment. If not and you feel up to it, share what barriers you’ve faced having yours done. Let’s help to change the narrative. Awareness is everything.

Follow @talkswithdrsesay for more health awareness, advocacy and education.

#cervicalscreening #cervicalcancerawareness #cervicalscreeningsaveslives #earlydetection #earlydetectionsaveslives #cervicalcancer
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