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Shelly Mooney


Shelly - Irish writer, artist, historian and wanderer Usually on Instagram ᚛ᚐᚏᚌ᚜



From a young age, I've been completely entranced by the works of Tolkien. He profoundly influenced much of how I perceive the world around me, and played a huge part in how I discovered my love for our own mythology and history here in Ireland. Tolkien himself loved the landscape and legends of this island, and I often see echoes in his writing that seem to be influenced in part by the time he spent here throughout his life. It would be my ultimate dream to write a novel based in Ireland that treats it with the same love Tolkien gave to Middle Earth almost a century ago. The magic, mystery and scenery is so inspirational to me and so many others, and I really hope that someday I can make that dream a reality. For now, here's some of my favourite sites set to Howard Shore's incredible score and Cate Blanchett's haunting voice. I hope all my fellow wanderers are having a lovely week so far Le Grá Shelly #ireland #irishhistory #irishmythology #ancientireland #tolkien #lotr created by Shelly Mooney with Emma's original sound
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