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Repost of YK Hong @YK  

“Be mindful that AI algorithms train and get data in often questionable ways. Data and creations are often taken to train on without consent. This leads to not only IP theft, but also identity theft.

AI can be wondrous and life-changing, but because the boundaries of ownership, ethics, and yes, consent are still very much ambiguous at the moment, it is critical to be wary of you as your data. Make an agreement with yourself about how much data you are okay with sharing when you do have a choice. Often, we do not.

And using these services is not wrong or bad. Just make that agreement with yourself for yourself on your limits.”

#Lensa #LensaApp
#antioppression #ai #aiethics #machinglearning
Check out this behind the scenes glimpse of the #Talenthouse  crew in Columbus, OH with #SALONORY , shooting social video highlighting the company’s stylist customers using the SALONORY online shop to restock their favorite products.
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