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😬Let’s not eat plastic 🌼The famous Tabor Place Glass Sippy🌼 ❤️Taborplace.co



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Rich people = high PFAS

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HOW TO STOP eatin plastic

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Government FAILURE

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PFAs in products

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PFAS testing

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Crumb Rubber / Astroturf

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Toxic food packaging

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Toxic body care

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Neurodivergence & EDCs

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Toxic home

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Toxic kitchen

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Cookware toxicity

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Toxic news

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Studies on plastic

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Replying to @chilaxer4 there are literally 197 INTENTIONALLY added chemicals added to food contact plastic that is classified as hazardous. I'm sure @Rob Lapham will just mock me & say he was just saying whether the plastic has BPA- instead of researching what the current consensus is on plastic food contact materials - and the myriad toxic chemicals that leach out under UNHEATED conditions... #endocrinedisruptors #plasticisbad #toxicchemicals #blackplastic #globalplastictreaty #antiplastic #microplastics  created by Tabor Place with Tabor Place’s original sound
Replying to @Sarah Tharia here are the best pitchers, countertop systems & reverse osmosis water filter systems for removing PFAS ❤️ CHECK OUT MY DEEP DIVE ON THE BIG BERKEY:
@Tabor Place #toxicchemicals #pfas #waterfiltertiktok #reverseosmosissystem #pfasinwater #countertopwaterfilter #pitcherfilter #undersinkwaterfilter
Replying to @ᅠ Here are 5 of the most toxic deep dives I've done this year... check out my deepdives here: ASPARTAME:
@Tabor Place and my deepdive on ASBESTOS:
@Tabor Place #toxicchemicals #latestagecapitalism #corporategreed #asbestos #aspartame #titaniumdioxidesunscreen #fdasucks #astroturf
Replying to @Calvin Alderman so many of these plastiglomerates are hauntingly beautiful #plasticrocks #plastiglomerate #dystopian
Replying to @ModelKittizen there's lots of ways to avoid toxic chrmicals when you're pregnant - little changes really do go a long way! #pregnanttok #toxicchemicals #lowtoxliving
Replying to @stevenw.sea we have far more power than we realize ! Tell Big Oil that we don't want their toxic plastic shot anymore ... by not buying it. We've already made HUGE strides - and have progressed so much in the past few years ❤️❤️❤️ #disposableplastic #toxicculture #plasticwaterbottle
Replying to @Mx Annie 🍉 recycling was never intended to work - it was a PR campaign concoted by the Plastics lobby and it did exactly what it was supposed to do: avoid plastic packaging from getting banned. #recyclingisascam #greenwashingalert
Replying to @vcdsclear This is NOT your fault. This blame is 100% on the plastics manufacturers that create UNRECYCLABLE products - and their genius strategy of shifting the blame onto us.
Replying to @Alana the chemical & plastic lobby has spent billions using big tobacco tactics to try and convince people their toxic plastics are safe.... but the studies prove that its not. #endocrinedisruptors #bpafree #tritanplastic
Replying to @Sheila plastic breastmilk bags have been shown to leach many microplastics and flame retardants - try and store breastmilk in glass containers, like those from @milaskeeper or even in mason jars ! VIDEO ON "BPA-free" PLASTIC:
@Tabor Place #microplastics #breastmilkstorage
Replying to @hoppscott getting a menstrual cup or disc & reusable period panties is awesome - both for your body and the planet! #pfas #menstrualcup #pfasintampons
Replying to @Adam Pecoraro I'm not taking advice from someone that doesn't read legal documents sent to him by the FTC. #safetyofaspartame
Replying to @Andy MS RD LD 🚫 BS Dietitian If you think that Aspartame is harmless and safe - then you've never actually looked into it, or you're being paid to say it's safe... HERE's MY BIG BREAKDOWN ON THE BIOMECHANICS OF ASPARTAME and how its toxic:
@Tabor Place #safetyofaspartame @Adam Pecoraro @Mary Ellen, MPH, RD @Cara Harbstreet, Dietitian @lindsaypleskotnutrition @Dr Idz (MBBS, MRes, Dip IBLM)
Replying to @John Tamas | Online Coach Aspartame causes stroke, dementia and is addictive - and these 12 influencers wrre paid to say it was safe: @Dr Idz (MBBS, MRes, Dip IBLM)
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